Friday, June 06, 2008

Phils announcers ... How are they doing?

Kalas is still 'The Voice' of the Phillies

The Phillies brought back Tom McCarthy and gave him a multi-year contract this year. Tom is ok, at times he seems a bit distracted, especially on his home run calls. They lack enthusiasm and energy at times. I like him for the most part, I think he has to become more of a Phillies 'fan' sometimes. I know he worked for the Phils and then went over to the Mets for a few years, but he needs to be more of a 'rah rah Phillies are great' type of announcer. He isn't even on the Phillies broadcasters site on the site, that's a bit strange.

Longtime announcers Chris Wheeler and Harry Kalas are still stellar, I like a lot of what they bring to the broadcast. A lot of stories about the ballplayers, some inside stuff. Kalas is a bit silent at times, but silence is good too, you don't always have to be talking to have someone appreciate the announcing style. They have the best long ball calls but a close second to these two is Scott Franzke over on the radio side that is just thrilled at times when he calls homeruns, it's so great to hear!

Speaking of the radio side, I think both Scott Franzke and Larry Anderson do a great job on the airwaves. I think Franzke would be great on tv as well. Gary Matthews works well with both Wheeler and McCarthy and does a good job as his 'sarge' nickname would allude to.

The field is crowded, a lot of variety with our broadcast team. I still wish my other favorite Phillies announcer of the past Scott Graham would be coming back sometime soon. He was the real deal and a great announcer for the Phillies, his contract not being renewed was almost a crime.

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