Friday, June 20, 2008

Phillies not passing their tough tests

When the Phillies started their series against the American league, I had a good feeling because the Phils were red hot and were firing on all cylinders as they welcomed in the Boston Red Sox. The first game of the series, the Phillies pulled all the stops out. They pummelled the Red Sox with pure power and then the last two games against the Sox, the Phils just couldn't get out of their own way.

Chase Utley has left the building temporarily, he's gone hitless in 20+ AB's and people are taking notice, although this is getting more attention then the times Ryan Howard strikes out. Go figure. These games have exposed a few of the Phillies weaknesses. Pitching, they have no real 20 game winner prospect except Cole Hamels. This and a combination of other things have exposed to daylight a few of the Phillies more pressing problems.

In my opinion, Charlie Manuel hasn't been 'managing' too much. He sits back, and doesn't show any respect to great hitters and doesn't intentionally walk them most of the time. This often haunts the Phillies as these hitters feast on these opportunities. In other times, his pitching changes are suspect. It's a strange sort of managing he does, because most of the time it is just 'play on' without his guidance. He always talks of needing to 'play' better when the team doesn't do well, but can he take a look at some of his own calls and see that he could do a lot better.

This team is 10 games over .500 as the game 1 vs. The Angels of LA or whatever they are called this year starts, they better figure out what is happening because a team called the Mets are turning things around and charging up the standings with their sites set for the Phillies.

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