Saturday, June 28, 2008

Myers mired in a mucky situation

Brett Myers has been on a roller coaster with the Phillies the last couple of years. This time the roller coaster is spinning out of control, with the bad luck that Brett has had the last couple outings. His last outing against the Rangers wasn't his worst, I saw some glimmer of hope in his delivery. He was trying to mix in some off speed pitches and was trying to keep the ball low. This is good.

Myers has been the Phillies Opening Day pitcher for two years in a row, and he's done everything the team has asked him to do, even move into the bull pen and do a pretty good job of his closer's role. Now Myers is a starter again, not too easy to get used to, pitchers don't generally move back and forth from relief to starter all that often.

Pitchers don't always pitch greatly, they have some off times, even off years. Look at tonight's starting pitcher for the Rangers, Vincente Padilla. Padilla had a rough year in Philly and the Phils traded him off but yet he's one of the aces of the Rangers staff and has been for some time. Vicente went 9-12 the year the Phils traded him, then came back the next year in 2006 to get 15 wins for the Rangers. Vincente had an off year the next year with 6 wins and 10 losses in 2007, now he already has 10 wins for the Rangers this year, and we have more than a half a season left.

I wish the Phillies had that 20 game winner on the staff other than Cole Hamels, they would make the playoffs for sure with that. Right now, it's still choppy ocean as the Phils look to chart their next move.

If Myers had any fault with his career as a Phillie it was his wife abuse that took place in Boston June 23, 2006. For this he could have easily been shown the door if the Phillies had some sort of policy in place or if someone stood up and said, 'This is wrong". At the time Myers has red hot for the Phillies and he could do no wrong, now this has changed and don't be surprised if Myers gets his walking papers which could be the best thing to happen at this time in his career.

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