Friday, June 13, 2008

Moyer goes to 9-0 vs. Marlins- Lessons to be learned from this

Perhaps Brett Myers and Adam Eaton should look at Jamie Moyer and use Moyer's wisdom to improve their records. Moyer paints when he is on the mound, he doesn't throw right down the middle at 95 miles per hour, as Myers does much of the time. A finesse pitcher is just as effective as the fastballer, and sometimes even better. Moyer is 9-0 against the Marlins now, Moyer has their number.

Myers and Eaton should learn at lot from this, they need to develop more of a style where they are catching batters off guard and start learning to paint instead of just going out there and chucking the ball.

The Phillies have the 7th highest batting average in the NL at .262 - they could bring this up more by getting more base hits. They are second in runs in the NL at 353 runs scored. In pitching the Phils are 4th in the NL with ERA at 3.84 -

The Phillies are at 40 wins already with more than half of the season to go. They have the 13th highest payroll at 95 million-

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