Monday, May 26, 2008

Phils back home for holiday and for 10 games

10 Games at Home for the Phils!

The Fightin's are back home for a 10 game homestand at the unofficial start of summer. They went 4-3 on the road trip that they just returned from. A couple tough losses to the new and improved Houston Astros down there in Houston.

I can't wait for the next weekend series of games against the Florida Marlins, I want to see if the Marlins are the real deal as they have been winning a lot of games lately, and they still lead the National League East where practically no one picked them to. That's what I love about baseball, you don't know what's going to happen until the games are played on the field.

The Phillies homestand starting today will be tied with one in July that will be there longest stretches of home games this season. Another 10 game homestand will lead the team right into the All Star break from July 4 - 13 - a nice way to lead into the All Star break for the team. This homestand starting of Memorial Day, the Phillies play the Rockies for three, the Marlins for 3 games and the Cinncinnati Reds for 4 games. On the homestand in July for the 10 games the Phils will face the New York Mets for 4 games, the St. Louis Cards for 3 games, and the Arizona Diamondbacks to finish out the homestand for 3 games.

Ryan Howard appears to be gaining on his recent slump, his average is above the .200 mark and he's putting up 4 homeruns on the board in the past 8 games. It was good to see some power from him, as he already has 75 strikeouts on the season and we aren't even in June yet.

My apologies for not posting here much in the last month, I got married and went on a fabulous honeymoon trip to Paris and now I am quite settled back into the baseball scene and getting back into baseball and the Phillies.

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