Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mets skipper should be the first to get axe!

The New York Mets manager, Willie Randolph, is nearing his spot on the chopping block. The NY Mets have stumbled, bumbled, and tumbled into a distant 4th place in the NL East 6.5 games out, and this should signal the beginning of the end of Willie's tenure as the Mets manager.

Forget about the historic collapse last year that should have gotten him fired right after the last game of the season, but this is absolutely insane that Mets management would let this continue. I don't see what they are waiting for, a miracle out of the sky to make things better?

The Mets brass went out and spent money to bring together a group that should be walking away with the NL East, but so far it looks as if they may be caught right near the cellar the way they have been playing lately.

I just can't figure out how or why Mets fans wouldn't be demanding Randolph's job, he's the one that the negativity gets pinned to.

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