Sunday, April 27, 2008

Should Jason Werth be the Phillies centerfielder?

I like having a solid player like Jason Werth in center for the Phillies. He covers a lot of ground out there in center and has been doing great at the plate. When Shane Victorino does get back from the DL, I think he should be in right field as his everyday position.

According to baseball prospectus, Werth is the third best player offensively on the team at this point in the season. Players like him feed off of others successes and it makes him do better in the process. Victorino on the other hand has been a real disappointment since opening day, he struggled mightily from the first game. His lack of offense has hurt the Phillies.

Werth has been playing great and deserves to be out there. I said it within the first couple games of the year, Shane Victorino is not going to be the everyday center fielder for the Phillies. Yes, he is a good player and he deserves to start but right field is his spot, he throws guys out from right field better and it just is a better overall fit for him.

Here's the report for April so far for the Phillies:

14-11 .560 in second place behind the Florida Marlins .5 games behind

This has been a great start for the Phillies, April is usually there worst month, if they keep this up, 90 wins will be easily a possibility. They go for the their first sweep of the year of a series today in Pittsburgh and I think they get the sweep here. Ryan Howard never homered against Pittsburgh except for last night? I can't figure out why. Put a smile on your face Howard, have some fun and play some good baseball. Let's go Phils!

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