Sunday, April 06, 2008

Phils flat against Reds lose 8-2

It's not a predictable game. You have Brett Myers pitching for the Phils, he was on fire in Spring Training. You figure him to throw a win here for the Phils but not only does that not happen, the combination of Howard-Feliz-Victorino post up a combined 0-10 at the plate. I've said it before the season started, I don't think you'll see Victorino in center too much longer everyday. He is not playing the power spot center fielder that the Phillies so desperately need him to.

Losing can get into a team's psyche, Manuel has got some juggling to do. Mix it up here, and there. Howard hit a homerun yesterday but hasn't contributed that much. Victorino hasn't come through, in fact he is batting .130 with only 2 rbi's so far in 6 games. Jenkins will be in center by the end of the month as your everyday center fielder that is for sure, maybe sooner if the flyin' Hawaiian doesn't change things around real soon.

2-4 is the record with one more at Cincy before the Mets look to take a bite at the Phillies anemic offense.

Rich Baxter / Fightin' Phils Blog


  1. I am curious why you think center field is a "power" spot when most leagues have their "power" hitters and left and right. I'll tell you why this is...speed. Your centerfielder needs to be able to cover that massive hole in the middle and Victorino is the only outfielder who can effectively do so. If you put Jenkins in center field, you are signing your own deathwish. He is a mediocre corner outfielder at best, but a POWER hitter.

    I just hope the Phillies don't sign you as a clearly cannot grasp the basics of the game. Aaron Rowand is an exception to the rule, but even he has only had 2 "power hitting" seasons out of his whole career -- he is a somewhat speedy guy who has good range, good arm, and a knack for the big play. THAT is what makes a great center fielder.

  2. Joey I have two words for you:

    Andrew Jones

    Most center fielders that I know are 'star' players. I just don't think Victorino is that star player. True he is speedy and I liked him in right, but for my money, he's not my center fielder.