Monday, April 14, 2008

Phils can't finish sweep of Cubbies

My pic of Pat The Bat saying "It was foul" (c. 2008 r.baxter)

Pat the Bat making contact (c. 2008 r.baxter)

We arrived at the ballpark yesterday for our Sunday matchup with the Phillies going for the sweep of the Chicago Cubs. The stage was set for the first sweep of the season. The Fightin's could have won this one, but through a combination of errors and miscues, the Phils failed to convert this game to the 'win' column.

We love our Sunday package because it allows us to get a nice Sunday afternoon of relaxation and watch baseball. Jamie Moyer did a fantastic job, he pitched very well. Jason Werth played center, I like the way he plays, although the ball that sailed over his head added to the miscues of the Phillies on the day. Chase Utley missed a great opportunity to blow the game open for the Phils with the bases loaded, and a costly throwing error on the day.

We trudge on though, and next up it's the Astros coming in Tuesday night for three games. So wrapping up the fourth series for the Phillies on the 2008 season, the Phils win the series 2-1. With 13 games into the season the Phils are 6-7 - they had the chance to go 7-6 but, they will seek to do better against the Astros.

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