Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Phillies spoil Mets last Opening at Shea .. Win count at 4

We'll take 'em ...4 Wins into the season
picture by r.baxter - I love ballpark workers! they give a ballpark character

I didn't count this one as a win before the game started. You've got opening day for the last time at Shea, a hungry Mets team looking for a revengeful win, and so much more going for the Mets with the hometown crowd.

The Mets got some revenge at Chase Utley hitting him three times during the game. I expect the Mets should watch their backs tomorrow night. Kendrick doesn't seem like a feisty character, but I think he 'll be throwing inside to someone tomorrow night. Watch the benches for this one possibly, I sense a bit of trouble brewing, and I wish Myers was on the mound because he wouldn't play, he'd go out and protect one of the most important players on the Phils.

Chalk it up as a win though, we'll take it and look to go above .500 Wednesday night. The Phils win the first one 5-2 and defy the odds to beat the Mets again. I am getting a bit used to the Phillies beating the Mets!

Scary moment when Victorino and Werth collided, it almost looked like Werth tackled him after watching the replay several times. Great catch out there though, I don't know how Shane held onto that ball. Rollins is feeling ok after feeling his ankle make some strange movements. I think he'll play for game 2 of the series.

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  1. Mira tu te me cays porque los Mets van a ganar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!