Monday, April 07, 2008

If we can make it there, we'll make it anywhere .... onto New York

The Phils split with the Reds with a win in the getaway game earlier this afternoon. I would have preferred to see the Phillies go to New York with a winning record. The Mets haven't been doing all that well either lately. The Braves just ruffed them up, but I suspect they are lying in wait for the Fightin's to get some revenge from last year.

Pat Burrell is showing leadership on the team. He is setting the pace for others to follow at this point. The Phillies star left fielder is starting to 'pay back' the Phillies for all those millions that he earns with games like these. Pat the Bat went 2-4 with two homeruns and 3 rbi's in this game. His average sits at .435 as he sweeps into a ballpark in New York where he is known to 'own' New York at.

Cole Hamels gets his first win of the year and evens up to 1-1 - his next spot will be pitching at home in front of his own fans this coming Saturday against the Cubs at Citizen's Bank Park. The bright spot is he era which is 1.20 . Believe it or not, that stat does not lead the MLB, Jake Peavy of the Padres has an incredible .56 era with 2 wins so far this year. Who says you can't find a decent pitcher out there?

Gordon got in an inning's work, and Lidge earned the save. Lidge made some fans squirm again, walking two though before the game ended with the Reds threatening in the bottom of the 9th. Again a win is a win, and we'll take it even though we got a little nervous near the end of the game.

So wrapping up the Phillies second series of the year, it's a split 2-2 for the series in Cinncy. Myers looked very shaky, Hamels looked great. Burrell leads the offense along with Chase so far early on in the season. Onto Series # 3 for the Phillies, a trip to New York to face the NL rival, NY Mets. I hope our pitching elder, Jamie Moyer bounces back from his very rough last start and has what it takes to get back on track.

Rich Baxter / Fightin' Phils Blog

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