Sunday, March 30, 2008

Opening Day only 1 day away for the Phillies

Your opening day pitcher: Brett Myers

Opening day now about 24 hours away and Brett Myers is no doubt chomping at the bit to get the ball and go out there and get the job done on the mound. His full name is Brett Allen Myers and he was born August 17, 1980 in Jacksonville, Florida. He has a career era of 4.34. He is projected to have 12 wins this year and pitch 180 innings. I think it will be closer to 15-17 wins with 199 innings pitched. His salary last year was a shade above $5 million.

Here's the competion:

The Washington Nationals

Not picked by many to be a power house by any leading sports services. They do have a brand new park in Washington DC though and a guy named Dmitri Young as the anchor of the team. The Nats actually open their season tonight and should end up as the prey of the Atlanta Braves.

Jayson Stark of ESPN is on the main page of ESPN today proclaiming that the Braves will win the division. I say that's preposterous and in a word: wrong. The Braves have an aging staff, true they have some good starters but I don't see the big turn around for them, they sacked Andrew Jones and I just don't share the opinion that the Braves are the team to beat in the National League. Stark and Pascarelli from ESPN will eat crow by July or August when the Braves fade away like they did last year.

Now back to the pesky Nationals, they could play the spoiler role this year. Meaning that teams that go in and count games as an automatic 'win' against this team could be surprised by the feisty play that they produce. Here's the starting lineups for Washington:

Center: Lastings Milledge: was supposed to be the next Mets phenom

Left : Elijah Dukes: Put up your Dukes!

Right: Austin Kearns: Scrappy reliable right fielder

Third : Ryan Zimmerman: Back at third for the Nats

SS : Christan Guzman: Good range

Second: Ronnie Belliard: Veteran Second baseman

First : Dmitiri Young: Deep power threat

Catcher: Paul LoDuca: Fiery catcher, ex Mets star

There you have them, they aren't the Yankees, but they will probably win 75 games this year!

Rich Baxter / Philly Sports Talk Now!

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