Friday, March 28, 2008

Here comes the 2007 National League East Champs!

Yes this is art, done in the Phila/NJ area courtesy of

The Phils are in town once again for the start of the 126th season of Phillies Baseball and the signal that Spring is officially here! I'll be up scouting the team on Saturday and I'll have a lot to say about what I see in my blog here in the next few days.

The photo is courtesy of a local artist that specializes in body art, nice Phillies jersey! Or a closer examination of such reveals a lot more artistic talent then I will ever have! See and learn more at Cheryl's site:

We are going to have Cheryl on the show in the near future, stay tuned! (editors note: the model is not the owner of this business, but it shows that she is a happy customer by the looks of things! See her at the stadium if she would dare! :)

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