Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Phillies Ballgirl Sam - our Philly Sports Talk Now! Interview

What a great time we had talking with Sam from the Philadelphia Phillies ballgirls! We talked about the process of becoming a Phillies ballgirl and the great deeds that they do off the field for charity as well. Listen to this show to hear all about it, thanks again Sam and Phillies Events Coordinator Michele DeVicaris for arranging the interview.

Ryan Howard's arbitration hearing is over, does he win or just settle for $7 million, we tell you what we think about it. The Phillies start some games next week. Is their pitching ready?

All this and more one Show 77 of Philly Sports Talk Now! as well roll onto the start of the Spring Training season.

This is our interview and show from Feb 20, 2008! Enjoy,

Rich Baxter / Fightin' Phils 2008 Audio Blog


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