Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Phillies Ballgirl Sam - our Philly Sports Talk Now! Interview

What a great time we had talking with Sam from the Philadelphia Phillies ballgirls! We talked about the process of becoming a Phillies ballgirl and the great deeds that they do off the field for charity as well. Listen to this show to hear all about it, thanks again Sam and Phillies Events Coordinator Michele DeVicaris for arranging the interview.

Ryan Howard's arbitration hearing is over, does he win or just settle for $7 million, we tell you what we think about it. The Phillies start some games next week. Is their pitching ready?

All this and more one Show 77 of Philly Sports Talk Now! as well roll onto the start of the Spring Training season.

This is our interview and show from Feb 20, 2008! Enjoy,

Rich Baxter / Fightin' Phils 2008 Audio Blog


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pitchers and Catchers report Feb 14 2008

Anna Benson, wife of pitcher Kris Benson

It's Valentines Day and the Phillies that will be one of the main ingredients to a winning season are reporting to Spring Training today. The though of Spring Training brings a new sense of hope and optimism to every major league team out there. The Phillies have a title to defend and the Mets have raised the bar again, with what on paper looks to be great moves.

The Phillies haven't made all that many moves in the offseason. A tweak here, and a tweak there but nothing that really makes you say .. "mmmmmmm." The pitching staff was the area that the Phillies needed to do the most with. They didn't land any real big fish, but they got Brad Lidge who was coming off a somewhat of a tough season in Houston. Lidge's numbers last year 5-3 with a 3.36 era. Lidge is an all-star and the most important acquisition of the offseason by the Fightins. He has postseason experience should help to solidify the bullpen, and freeing up Brett Myers to get back into the rotation and give Hamels a run for his money as the ace of the Phillies staff.

The Phillies just acquired Kris Benson who is trying to bounce back from injury and get back into a starting rotation. The deal is for a minor league contract at the moment. Benson was supposed to be a superstar, he got on a couple bad teams and still posted good numbers. The wrap on him is that his wife tries to steal some of his thunder and by her picture we posted here on the blog you can see why! Welcome aboard Anna and Kris.

Happy Valentines, and welcome back Phils to Spring Training!

Rich Baxter / Fightin' Phils 2008 Audio Blog

Saturday, February 02, 2008

24 days till Spring Training 2008!

My how time flies! The winter is still with us but as I glance at the calendar, we are only 3+ weeks away from Spring Training Games 2008 for the Phillies. They open up against the Reds on Feb. 27th then they go up against the Pirates the next day on the 28th.

The Phils moves this winter have been underwhelming in my opinion, they lost a good center fielder, and looked for pitching but didn't come out with any huge deals that would have made me feel better about the pitching rotation.

The first post for 2008 will be out in the next couple weeks, I'll look at the strengths and weaknesses for the team in '08 and what we can expect to see for the upcoming season.

Can't wait for Spring Training to start!

Rich Baxter / Fightin Phil's 2008 Audio Blog