Saturday, September 29, 2007

Extra Saturday - Philly Sports Talk (Sep 29)

The Nationals and the Phillies square off again as the Phillies continue their charge to get into the playoffs. Here's an in game podcast on what is happening in Saturday's game. Join Rich Baxter and Rick Nuzzolo for another edition of Philly Sports Talk Now!

Extra- Philly Sports Talk Now! (Sep 28th 2007)

The Phillies take first place... with only two games to go! We are going for it all in the next two games! With a win on Saturday and a Mets loss again, the Phillies would take the NL East in the most wild, unbelievable comeback that I've ever seen... Here's an extra show to take you back to before the season started for the Phillies and the show of predictions with Rich Baxter, Jim 'Sports Dog' Mulry, and Mike Berquist from March before the season started.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Show 57 - Philly Sports Talk Now (Sep 13 2007)

The Phillies are teasing us fans again, they are so close to the playoffs. Can they get in this year? We think it's possible. Rich is more optimistic than Jim the Sports Dogg on this one. We look at the Philadelphia Eagles and what went wrong last week in Green Bay. All this and more on show 57 of Philly Sports Talk Now!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Will the Phils make the 2007 playoffs

Will the Phillies make the playoffs? They don't think so on Fox Sports main internet page for MLB baseball! With over 29,000 votes cast, 51 percent say 'No' they will miss the playoffs.

Why do you cast your vote?

Click here and cast you vote near the bottom of the Fox Sports Site

Let those Fox Sports site readers know that the Phils will be there next month for the playoffs!

Rich Baxter