Thursday, August 30, 2007

World Series starts in 54 days, the Phils are playing like they'll be there!

Baseball's playoffs begin in only 34 days on 10-03-07 and the World Series starts in only 54 days but the Philadelphia Phillies are playing like they will be there in the post season and maybe the World Series. I know it's just me getting carried away because the Phillies look like they are going to sweep the Mets this afternoon, but the level of play has been picked up tremendously by the fightins' in the past few days.

Pat Burrell continues to impress against the Mets, he rarely gets booed anymore so that's a good thing. Ryan Howard in between a few bad strikeouts is shaping up his homerun total and RBI scoring stats.

One has to wonder will the Phillies be there on October 23rd when the World Series starts.....

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