Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Phils stay ahead of the Padres in Wild Card chase

As of last night there were 7 teams chasing the wild card within 3.5 games of the lead. That puts the Phillies right in the thick of things as August is quickly coming to an end. Playoff ticket packages to season ticket holders were mailed out and now the wait begins to see if the Phillies can stay afloat in the National League wild card standings.

With last night's win, the Phils have again landed tied for the wild card spot with San Diego. The news of Cole Hamels being injured slightly could be a set back, but the Phils have pulled together in the past few weeks to answer to the challenge of putting out a healthy team quite well, so all things going well the Phils should overcome this.

Game 2 vs. the Dodgers tonight, the skies look like rain again, we'll see what the game time weather brings.

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