Sunday, August 26, 2007

Phils Rout the Pods

Nothing more I like then a Sunday rout at home by the Phillies! I went up to the ballpark today a bit afraid that I may see the fightin's get swept. I treated a friend of mine to the game, he has never been to a Phillies game, and he went home almost a big Phillies fan after this great win today 14-2 at Citizen's Bank Park.

Time to order the playoff tickets? I still don't know the answer to that one. The Phillies play so great for a while, then they play like they couldn't beat the high school team in Philly let alone any major league team.

Hopefully this kind of play continues for the Phils, it was a joy to see today. The Mets come in for 4 next and this could make or break the Phils for the season. They must string together a group of wins now or it will be a long off season for the players, the fans, and J Roll who assured us earlier that they were the team to beat this year.

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