Thursday, August 30, 2007

World Series starts in 54 days, the Phils are playing like they'll be there!

Baseball's playoffs begin in only 34 days on 10-03-07 and the World Series starts in only 54 days but the Philadelphia Phillies are playing like they will be there in the post season and maybe the World Series. I know it's just me getting carried away because the Phillies look like they are going to sweep the Mets this afternoon, but the level of play has been picked up tremendously by the fightins' in the past few days.

Pat Burrell continues to impress against the Mets, he rarely gets booed anymore so that's a good thing. Ryan Howard in between a few bad strikeouts is shaping up his homerun total and RBI scoring stats.

One has to wonder will the Phillies be there on October 23rd when the World Series starts.....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Awesome win, felt like a playoff game!

The Phillies pulled a rabbit out of the hat last night. I just got finished talking with a friend who was at the game last night vs. the NY Mets, and he said that place was electric! I was watching the game from home, and it almost looked like a playoff game to me. The Phils played this one brilliantly and as much as I didn't like their play against the Padres, this game made a lot of people want to believe that there is hope for the post season.

The Fightins go for more tonight and then again on Thursday afternoon. So let's go Phillies!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rich's Phils Broadcast Audio 8/26/2007

This is a broadcast that I recorded 'in game' at the Phil's Citizens Bank Park at the Broadcast Dreams booth along with my friend Rick Nuzzolo from Sunday's game 8/26/2007. We got to do a little extra thanks to the the supervisor of the dreams booth. We called the 4th inning of the game and it came out really well because the Phillies were scoring great, we call Howard's slide at home - moving the earth in the process - and it was a lot of fun at the ball park on this great Sunday.

Phils Rout the Pods

Nothing more I like then a Sunday rout at home by the Phillies! I went up to the ballpark today a bit afraid that I may see the fightin's get swept. I treated a friend of mine to the game, he has never been to a Phillies game, and he went home almost a big Phillies fan after this great win today 14-2 at Citizen's Bank Park.

Time to order the playoff tickets? I still don't know the answer to that one. The Phillies play so great for a while, then they play like they couldn't beat the high school team in Philly let alone any major league team.

Hopefully this kind of play continues for the Phils, it was a joy to see today. The Mets come in for 4 next and this could make or break the Phils for the season. They must string together a group of wins now or it will be a long off season for the players, the fans, and J Roll who assured us earlier that they were the team to beat this year.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Phils stay ahead of the Padres in Wild Card chase

As of last night there were 7 teams chasing the wild card within 3.5 games of the lead. That puts the Phillies right in the thick of things as August is quickly coming to an end. Playoff ticket packages to season ticket holders were mailed out and now the wait begins to see if the Phillies can stay afloat in the National League wild card standings.

With last night's win, the Phils have again landed tied for the wild card spot with San Diego. The news of Cole Hamels being injured slightly could be a set back, but the Phils have pulled together in the past few weeks to answer to the challenge of putting out a healthy team quite well, so all things going well the Phils should overcome this.

Game 2 vs. the Dodgers tonight, the skies look like rain again, we'll see what the game time weather brings.