Monday, July 23, 2007

Phils still teetering on .500

The Phillies road trip out west could have been much worse. The Dodgers were a tough opponent and the Phils almost took the series from them. 'All most' doesn't count of course and the NY Mets took three of four with their series in Dodgerland over the past few days. The Phillies played really well against San Diego, and the Padres are hot on the heels of the LA Dodgers and have been getting the job done out there in the NL West.

500 is a number that the Phillies just can't get away from. They win two, then you think they have something going and they string together a losing streak to match. They have three games against the Nationals at home coming up starting Tuesday. Kendrick, Hamels, and Eaton will throw the series for the Phillies. You would figure the Phillies should sweep the series from the Nats but that is where you can't rely on the Phillies to continue to play well enough to win. Something is lacking and I think it may be from the dugout. This team can play well, they have showed that, maybe what they need is a different manager to spark them on.

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