Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Phils get help from Mets

I snapped this photo of Hideo Nomo in 2004 when I saw the Dodgers play out in L.A.

I was worried after the Phillies dropped the first game to the Astros by such a convincing margin. The Phils got it together in the second game and as I write this they are ahead 4-3 going into the bottom of the eighth. So if they can hold on here, they'll hold some ground against the Mets as the Amazin's are getting their butts kicked in Colorado by the Rockies.

The Mets seemed to be on cruise control against the Phillies for their 4 game set at Citizen's Bank Park. The Mets team has had a terrible problem of looking terrible as well after they win a few games in a row just like the Phillies. Colorado has amassed 17 hits already against the Mets on Tuesday night. The Phillies next stop will be Coors Field so I hope the Rockies are getting all of their hits now and will be tired out by the time the Phils get to town! :)

I am listening to a game as I write this on my MLB Radio subscription online, a familiar name 'Randy Wolf' is pitching out there in LA, and I can't help but remember how much I liked to see Randy pitch for the Phillies when he was healthy and pitching great. Mike Lieberthal even catches his games when he pitches for the Dodgers. I was lucky enough to go out to Dodger Stadium a couple of years ago and saw 'The Tornado', (Hideo Nomo) pitch for the Dodgers. He was one of my favorite pitchers in the mid 1990's. I love listening to Vin Scully on the radio feed as well for the Dodgers, he's always bringing up cool stories that keep you entertained.

Happy 4th of July, the Phils play a special 2:05pm (in the east) game for the holiday and Cole Hamels goes again for the Phils as he tries to find his previous success that he enjoyed his first 12 starts or so. The last couple of outtings he has looked a little unsettled on the mound. His record is now 9-4 with a 3.87 era.

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