Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Winning is a good thing!

I can get use to this, the Phillies dominating night after night and getting the job done! Cole Hamels turns in another gem as he coasts in with 9 wins and leads the NL in wins. A sweep of the Sox would be great today, but even if it doesn't happen I like the way things have been going for the Phils lately.

Freddie Garcia finally found his problem of why he couldn't locate pitches and get good velocity on the ball. He may be finished for the season, and for his Phils career, but at least he's not out there costing the Phillies games. He looked like he had promise, and I wish he had worked out but it is not to be or at least at this time it looks like Garcia may be done for the season.

Thome may come back to haunt us in this game today for the businessman's special. As of the time I am writing this Thome had just come up to bat and tipped his helmet in appreciation to the standing ovation he received.


  1. Winning is a good thing, winning is fun, winning cures all!

  2. Yes it does, let's enjoy the wins while we can! You never know when the next losing streak lurks!