Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Phils take game 1 from the Mets ... Stadium rant

The Fightins took on the mighty Mets last night and actually impressed me with the way that they hung in the game and came out with the victory thanks to great play by Chase Utley and others. As have been noted in several media stories, the Phillies need to play tough and win this series. Jamie Moyer kept the Phils in the game and Ryan Madson and Geoff Geary kept the wheels on going into extra inning to give the Mets their first extra innings loss this year.

I used to really like the Mets and have been to Shea many times. I couldn't help but think about Shea Stadium as it is nearing the same fate as Veteran's Stadium after the 2008 season. I looked at the seating areas on television and appreciated all the room that the fans have in the first level and throughout the stadium for that matter. Shea Stadium was built with some comfort for spectators in mind. Citizen's Bank Park is another matter, except for the Diamond Club and Hall of Fame level, fans are literally packed in like sardines. The stadium areas apart from the size of the seats themselves are first class, but when it came to making the seat size someone goofed! I am around 6 feet tall and a bit on the heavy side so when I sit down I am literally shoulder to shoulder and knee to knee with the person in the next seat. Take a look at the next home game on TV, you'll see that people are packed in like fish and are way too close to one another. That's a major problem in a stadium where your paying more money than ever to see a ballgame. Give us some room please !!! The Vet was much roomier than these seats at Citizens Bank Park and I would assume, the new seat size at Mets Stadium , to be called Citi Field. So another big part of baseball that I grew up with is going to be blown to smithereens, the famous Shea Stadium.

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