Friday, June 29, 2007

Phils take 2 from Reds, thanks J Roll!

Jimmy Rollins is my favorite player on the Phillies. I think with last night's win over the Reds that he may become the favorite Phillie of a few more fans. From the start of the year Jimmy Rollins has brought some spark to this otherwise kind of dull team.

Yes, there's been highs and lows for Jimmy this year, this will happen to most of the players in the MLB, but I do believe that Rollins wants this to be the year for the Phillies to make the playoffs. He's a great professional that hustles everytime out there.

So, bring on those Mets! It's less than an hour away from game time as I write this, the skies in South Jersey are sputtering with rain so I hope the weather is better in Philly!

Chris Coste is returning back from the minors and this could be another chance for him to shine in some limelight! Coste will answer the call again for the team, I think that is one of the worst moves that the Phillies did this season in not bringing Coste up with the team this year. It just doesn't make sense to me that a fan favorite and a guy that came through big time with the Phils last year, gets sent back down in order to bring in someone who is unproven to the Phils like Barajas was.

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