Friday, June 08, 2007

2nd sweep of the season, Phils thump Mets

Pat the Bat, saves the sweep with a 9th inning HR!

The Phillies played a great series against the Mets at Shea. Despite many dubious calls from the umpires the Phils handed the Mets a three game sweep and moved within 5 games of first place. The Mets have to be a bit unsettled over this. The Mets bullpen allowed the Phillies to creep back into 2 games that the Phils eventually ended up winning. What seemed to be a lost season, is now looking much better now with the Phillies going into KC with a day's rest for a weekend series in Kansas City. The beer and steak dinners have got to taste better to the Phillies players out in Kansas City who are no doubt probably impressed with what they did to the Mets!

Chase Utley had to be the series MVP during the Mets games, with Jimmy Rollins a close second. Let us not forget how Pat "The Bat" Burrell has pummelled the Mets either, say what you will about Burrell but he's still a guy that I like playing for the Phillies! He's not Babe Ruth, but he's been much better this year even though recently it looks as if 'The Bat' has slipped in his numbers.

The Phillies will play the next 12 games on an American League swing, they could even find themselves in first place at the end of the Interleague matchups if they continue to get the job done like they have been doing. Clutch hitting, great pitching and a big will to win, have gone a long way for the team. A lot of local Philadelphia sports talk shows had basically written the Phillies off, here's egg in their face! Howard Eskin said that they were "done" just the other day, I guess he and others will be singing a different tune now that the Phils have sweep the Mets like they did.

Hopefully, I'll get back to doing some audio podcasts for this blog. I've got so much to say about the Phils and not too much time to do it.

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