Friday, May 25, 2007

Phils go onto Atlanta, then home for Memorial Day!

If the Phillies can win down in Atlanta, that would keep them at arm's reach of the red hot Braves and Mets. The loss last night in Florida was a tough one, the Phils had the chance to win it, with runners on base but they couldn't covert the go ahead run.

The Phils have had a set back with some injuries of late, that is to be expected during the course of a season. I would have thought the Phils may have thought ahead and had some contingency plans in place. They can still win with what they have but a little luck must go along with that. Francisco Rosario is 0-3 with last night's loss against Florida, he is teetering on a patch of thin ice and his value on the team is greatly diminished when he keeps getting beat up and giving up the game like he has been doing.

Let's go into Atlanta and show them who's going to take this division!

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