Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Phillies: Sweep or be swept

The Phillies are in the good position of just having swept the Atlanta Braves and now facing a bad position of being swept themselves at home at Citizen's Bank Park by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Just when things were looking up, suddenly we are back at .500 and looking like we may fall through that percentage.

The matchup for tonight's game has Randy Johnson going against Jamie Moyer once teammates in Seattle and now the oldest matchup of leftie vs. leftie in the history of baseball. As I write this blog entry, the Phils are trailing in a pitcher's duel, 1-0 as both Moyer and Johnson are showing off with pitching great games for their teams.

Next up for the Phils will be the San Francisco Giants and the Barry Bonds saga. No rest for the weary with Bonds coming into town and his quest for the Homerun King status. Regardless if you feel that Bonds deserve the record, he brings a an aura with him although most people believe it is a tainted one. The Phils have a much needed off day on Thursday, they'll collect their thoughts and try to regroup for the weekend series with San Fran. I thought Bonds might have a chance to break the record in Philly, now they are pointing towards mid to end June for the time when this will happen. It certainly would have made the fans for into the game if Bonds were going for the record here in Philly.

1 comment:

  1. High= 26-24 coming off a sweep.

    Low= 26-27 getting swept at home.

    This season has been ugly.