Sunday, May 20, 2007

Phillies go 7-3 at home, land at .500

The homestand stretching back 10 games has been very, very good for the Phils. They didn't sweep anyone, but took all three series at home during the past 10 games with the Cubs, Brewers, and the Jays. The team has fought it's way up to .500 baseball with a day off on Monday, then onto the short road trip to Florida and then Atlanta.

The team seems to have jelled a bit better of the last 10 games, and Ryan Howard has been out for all of the games. Pat Burrell has been coming through for the Phils along with Aaron Rowand who has been getting on base better than most and is in the NL's top 10 leaders for batting average. Starting pitching is starting to carry the game, and when it comes to relief, the team is still in great need of some better consistency.

Cole Hamels is 6-1 and is on fire, he'll get the start for game one in Florida.
Jamie Moyers and Adam Eaton are 4-3 and John Lieber is 2-2. Freddie Garcia is a most disappointing 1-3, he should turn it around soon or the boo birds at Citizen's Bank will be on him soon! Geoff Geary got shelled against Toronto, three homeruns in a matter of a few minutes. That team is scary! On paper the Jays look very intimidating, they have a lot of power on that team. When they get their pitching together they will be contenders.

The Phillies have the ALS Charity event at Citizen's Bank Park on Monday. It will be nice for the fans to get some autographs and have some fun and donate some money to charity all at the same time.

That 's all for now for the Phillies 2007 audio blog, I'll get back to my audio posts when I get some more time to do them! For now, it's just blogging as usual. Be sure to check out one of my favorite Phillies blog, A Citizen's Blog
for some interesting thoughts on the team by Mike Berquist.

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