Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One step forward, two steps back ....

This time of the season could define the whole Phillies season. They play inspired ball for a couple games, and they get you feeling good about them, then they slip back into a cocoon of errors and losing. We are 45 games into the season now, and the Phillies are teetering back and forth on a see saw of wins and losses. They win big one day, then drop one, win one and drop one. 7-3 in thier last homestand but now they are on a short road trip and 7-4 in their last 11 games doesn't sound as good.

The Phillies need an acquisition, a big name to come into the bullpen at this time! The bullpen is the area that most fans and experts on baseball will agree that the team needs the most help. Without any moves like this, the Phils appear to be destined to be a .500 ballclub throughout the year.

Ryan Howard will be back soon, and hopefully he'll be back on track. He needs to get back into a groove and start hitting. Pat Gillick must get on the phones and make something happen for this team, bring us a reliable bullpen pitcher Pat!

p.s. I got to 'high 5' the Philly Phanatic last Sunday at the ballpark! The Mrs. and I were walking the concourse behind homeplate, when out of the blue a large furry green creature ran up to us and slapped our hands as he ran past us.

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  1. Hey, nice Phils blog. Want to exchange links? If so, just stop by and drop a comment. Thanks.

  2. Its tough being a phillies fan. They look great going 7-3 on the home stand. Then we go to Florida, and what the hell happens. Last nights game was a mockery of baseball. Please somebody explain to me what Dobbs is doing at first base throwing home? Oh and then we get Barajas's amazing tag at the plate. It looked good going into the inning adding a couple of insurance runs, but then the fighting sillies are back at it throwing the ball around worse than a little league team. Anyone who knows anything about baseball will tell you that they need to clean that sort of stuff up if they want to make a run at anything. This was the team that had philly excited again, but now has philly feeling the blues again. Its the city of brotherly love,, and were getting no brotherly glove from the field. Straighten them up charlie,, for your sake, for our sake, for the sake of baseball.