Sunday, May 27, 2007

First sweep of the season, let's go Phils!

Howard: Two HR's and 4 RBI's on Sunday's win in Atlanta

The Atlanta Braves were home in the friendly confines of their own Turner Field and the Phillies came into town and swept the Bravo's in 3 straight games over the Memorial Day weekend! Now the Phils head home for a short homestand against the Arizona Diamondbacks and then they welcome Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants into Citizen's Bank Park for a 4 game set that starts on Friday June 1st and runs through the 4th of June.

This sweep of the Braves returns the favor to the Braves who had swept the Phillies for their first three games to open the season back in April. The Phils started the season 0-3 thanks to the Braves who looked unbeatable for a couple weeks. This win on Sunday afternoon came courtesy of Cole Hamels who earned his 7th win of the season and a couple of homeruns by Ryan Howard who just rejoined the team on Friday night. Even better that the win is the fact that the Phils are now 2 games over .500 and look to be on a steady path coming into Memorial Day at home on Monday night.

I'll be up at the stadium to see Freddie Garcia hopefully pick up his second win of the season as he has been slow to start off for his new team so far this year. Garcia was originally looking like he may be the ace of the staff back in March when Spring Training was being played down in Florida, but that hasn't been the case yet as Hamels has led the team in pitching so far up to this point of the season.

The Diamondbacks are doing well themselves, going 7-3 in their last 10 games. The star of their team seems to be the second baseman, Orlando Hudson, and the left fielder, Eric Byrnes who are both anything but household names in baseball but they are getting the job done for Arizona. The Dbacks have been feasting on the Astros all weekend taking the first two games and as of the time I am writing this are in the lead for a sweep of the 'Stros in the 7th inning on Sunday.

Welcome home Phils! If we keep on like this, then we have our sights on second place by the time this homestand is over! Atlanta is suddenly in reverse after staying hot for 6 weeks or so and they face two red hot teams in the Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago Cubs in their next two series of games. The Brewers are leading the National League Central and the Cubs are 4.5 games off of the Brewers lead in the division.


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