Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Phil's unleash the Juggernaut!

juggernaut n 1: a massive inexorable force that seems to crush everything in its way [syn: steamroller]

The juggernaut was unleashed on the Houston Astros last night for the Jackie Robinson Day celebration, and at the same time the Phillies celebrated their big win. Despite Adam Eaton giving up a first pitch homerun to Craig Biggio and getting behind in the counts constantly throughout the night. Eaton hung in there though and the offense exploded to the point where no one could have beat them last night!

It was dollar dog night last night at the ballpark, and I scooped up a couple along with the Mrs., but upon chomping down on those franks we both found that the dogs were ice cold, and nothing is worse than a cold dog! I wouldn't give them a quarter for another dollar dog day, that is for sure. Well, back to the game. Rollins again had a great game, I didn't realize it until I was listening to the radio broadcast while at the game that Rollins had gone 4-24 or close to that on the road on the last trip. He seemed like he was playing better than that to me, but according to Larry Anderson this was the case.

Seeing everyone in the same number all night was a little confusing, but after a while Dan Baker's announcement of "Now batting #42...." became very familiar. So the Phil's seem to have some things going great for them at the moment. One thing I noticed at the game but don't know if it was talked about at all on the television broadcast of this game was when Ryan Howard struck out the last time, he banged his bat on the ground so hard he broke it in half! He looked really mad at himself for striking out, but at that point the team was up over 6 runs on the 'Stros. Ryan should just settle back and have fun, he'll break out of his funk, he needs to just take it easy and concentrate on getting a hit.

Moyer takes the mound tonight, and the Phils should win this one as well. That's what I predicted last night, and that's what I see again tonight. Let's go Phil's ! Extend this win streak all the way to May!

I'll get back to my audio posts later in the week, when my time isn't so short!

Rich Baxter / Fightin' Phils 2007 audio blog

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