Monday, April 23, 2007

Phil's make turnaround..

The Phils should have swept the Cincinnati Reds over the weekend, but two out of three isn't bad! I am trying not to let my enthusiasm from the wins over shadow Tom Gordon's terrible performance on Friday night, and he is reminding me of Mitch Williams. Williams was the best when he was on, but the worst at times as well. When I heard Harry Kalas announce, "It's Flash Gordon Time" after the commercial, I got a sick feeling and thought, oh know! True to form, he blew the game which was a great 1-0 game at the time and Manuel left him out to dry and exposed him to be the pitcher that he is. He would be an ok mid relief pitcher in my opinion, but he shouldn't be the closer at this point in his career. He throws predictable pitch's that batters are just waiting on.

Brett Myers came into the game for one inning and he was blazing, Manuel should've brought Myers back for the 9th and the Phil's would have had a sweep of Cinncy but he didn't. So let's not forget! Gordon shouldn't be the closer on this team. He is well past his prime, and he's not a dominant pitcher anymore.

All that aside, it was nice to be on the winning side for a change. Chase Utley was heating up, and of course Cole Hamels pitched a gem with 15 strikeouts, and came within a hair of tying Steve Carlton who had 16 strikeouts in a game. Hamels posted his first CG which compared to Carlton's 185 CG's for the Phillies over his career. So Hamels is on his way to hopefully a great season as on the post game interview, he told Harry Kalas that there is more to come from him in reference to his great game he pitched in Cincinnati on Saturday night.

It's gonna be a hot night at Citizen's Bank Park with Jackie Robinson Day, or Night as it will be later on. I am predicting another Phillies win tonight as the wheels keep on turning! Phils win again tonight, Howard is going to go deep twice! I can see it now!

I'll be up there at the ballpark to see this one in person, so I hope they come away with a win...

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