Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don't abandon ship on the Phils just yet!

The Phillies are off to a less then promising start here in April, but that's no reason to get all rammy. The team will pull it together and hopefully get in the swing of things soon. This isn't a time to play the blame game. I was listening to WIP 610 this afternoon and all I heard was negativity. Yes, there was some mistakes, errors and things we wished wouldn't have happened over the past couple games but it's no reason to overreact as some of the callers were doing on the off day 4/10/07 for the Phillies. Everyone was looking to blame someone, it's a team game, so the blame is spread around to someone else with every passing game. People were questioning and second guessing Charlie Manuel's moves. If the Phillies would have won, people would have said 'that was a great move by Manuel" but the way some things have been going for the team it is easy to look at things that have already happened and second guess things.

Charlie Manuel has guided the Phils to two second place finishes, no they didn't get to the playoffs, but they were a thread away from them and just faded at the end for the past two seasons. A lot of pressure was placed on the Phils by comments made by Jimmy Rollins. Now the newspapers are having a field day with those comments.

My point is don't give up hope yet, obviously we need some wins and they will come. The bullpen hasn't been rock solid for a couple years now, and that shows evidently. We need to shore that up a bit, and then things will get back to normal. The season is long, the team can recover from this. It's only April 10th and everyone is calling for Manuel's job, give me a break. Manuel's been on the field for too many years to just want to sack him now, the Phils need him greatly. Howard is having a rough April, but it's not the end of the world. I'll be back to my audio posts soon, I am clearing up a cold and sore throat so as soon as this is cleared up I can resume my audio posts.

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  1. I need to see some good baseball being played. A win or two will help ease the pain, but I need to see that this team is capable of playing fundamentaly sound baseball.