Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Phils to be on Local broadcast for record number of games

A record number of Phillies games will be broadcast this season thanks to Philly's Comcast Sportsnet, here are the details:

Comcast SportsNet announced today the network will air a record 145 Phillies games during the 2016 season, including the season opener on Monday, April 4 at 4 p.m.against the Cincinnati Reds. NBC10 airs 10 games, including the home opener on Monday, April 11 at 3 p.m. against the San Diego Padres. The Comcast Network will carry seven regular season games.

Spring Training broadcasts begin on Tuesday, March 1, with Comcast SportsNet carrying six games and The Comcast Network airing 13. 

Broadcasters Tom McCarthy, Matt Stairs, Ben Davis and Gregg Murphy return for their second season in the booth.  Mike Schmidt will also return for home weekend game broadcasts.

Starting in Spring Training and going throughout the season, Phillies fans can catch the latest team developments and analysis from Comcast SportsNet, NBC10, The Comcast Network and anchors, reporters and Insiders during “Breakfast on Broad,” “Philly Sports Talk,” “SportsNet Central,” NBC10 newscasts, and online at Fans can interact with every show on Twitter by using the hashtag #PhilliesTalk.

May I also invite you to listen to the podcast that produces called Phillies Talk Podcast, which is an independent show that talks all about the Phillies.

Phils foray into Sabermetrics stats is not elementary

It doesn't take an Einstein to figure out that the Phillies have been flat out terrible, is it because they have ignored Sabermetrics, or is this just an expensive distraction for the millennials 

When the Phillies hired new GM Matt Klentak, the talk was all about how the Phillies would now embrace the wave of sabermetrics stats that you can look at until your all so sick of numbers that you'll wonder why you've been looking at them in the first place.

There was an article in the media that the Phils would now have a secret weapon called PHIL that was the repository of all info regarding a player's ability to play this game of baseball (custom made for the Phillies baseball team). As told by Matt Klentak, "Basically it’s a place to house all of our information and synthesize it and try to manage it and pool it and bring all together." 

Oh happy days, wow, you have a collection of numbers that tell you how great or poor a player is and then everything is magically ok. That's what I get from that kind of talk. It's amazing how much people actually buy into this nonsense. It must be the latest generation that really have thrown all of their allegiance to this sort of crap. And, it's not cheap, all this talk about numbers actually costs a lot of money.

Maybe Klentak and his new number crunching guru, Andy Galdi, who was previously employed by Google, (that's supposed to be impressing by the way) and that kind of resume don't come cheap. In this article from the The Morning Call, it is explained why the team picked up Peter Bourgos. Something about his great numbers on Fangraphs, any armchair stats guy could have told you that.

Maybe these new gurus can explain why the team hasn't sold out Opening Day at the stadium yet. In numbers form of course. Can they come up with a new way to sell more hot dogs or beers using these magical sabermetric numbers? Maybe they'll raise the price of parking again to pay for all of this grand numbers extravaganza.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Howard given ultimatum from Mackanin but is it warranted

Howard might not have too much to smile about this season if he doesn't get hitting with the Phils

This past week brought us some Ryan Howard news. No, not the one where a report was broadcast by Al Jazzera that Ryan had apparently linked to some steroid scandal. No, this one was more personal to Howard and it came from Phils manager Pete Mackanin.

Mackanin was asked about Ryan Howard from the Philadelphia Inquirer a few days ago and said that he would possibly be platooning Howard this year, and if he doesn't hit, he would sit.

This from last year's lack of quality hitting from Howard, who turned 36 in November, appeared in 129 games for the Phils last year and had 23 HR and 77 RBI. Yes, Howard needs to raise his average, but those numbers weren't that bad for 129 games.

Is Mackanin trying to flex his muscles now that he is in the first year of his 1 year contract to manage the Phils?

It seems that Howard is not going to be changing his ways anytime too soon, he hasn't hit very well for years, especially against lefties. Yet in 2014, he hit 23 HR's and banged in 95 RBI. Those kind of numbers generally get you paid about what Howard is now making per year, so is this declaration from Mackanin just a bunch of hot air?

We'll see what happens with Ryan Howard this season, he's 36 but I don't think he's over the hill just yet. Can he get a bat on the ball better this year? If his average was .300 but only drove in 60 runs for the Phils would that be ok?  

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

First snow of season make Spring all that more sweet for Phils fans

We've had a pretty good winter up to now, the first snow fall of the season fell on the Philadelphia area over the weekend and more snow is in the forecast for this coming weekend.

This makes the anticipation of baseball and the start of Spring Training all that much more appealing.

A ton of new players will be down at Spring Training for the Phillies this year, and it will be interesting to see some of the newer players that the Phillies have acquired in the offseason.

It's only 76 days until Opening Day for baseball.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Phillies Talk Podcast - 6 Weeks Away Till Spring Training 2016

We're back to start off the 10th year of Phillies Talk Podcast, we started talking Philadelphia sports way back in the early days of podcasting in 2006. 

The Phillies have had a busy offseason with plenty of moves to talk about, Sports Illustrated has an article that ranks the Phillies getting an A+ for the offseason moves.

We'll talk about this short offseason, and how we feel this time of year that the Phils are do back to the baseball diamond in only 6 weeks. 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016: Bound to be better for the Phillies and their fans

2016 isn't business as usual that's been happening with the Phillies baseball team for the past several years. This team was in a serious decline and to do inactivity on the part of Ruben Amaro Jr. to fix it, it remained broken for 2015.

So bad, that Ryne Sandberg couldn't stay around anymore with the type of actions that were coming from the upper Phillies management. Yes, there really isn't a good reason for a baseball manager to quit do to losing, but it was getting so embarrassing, something had to break.

There is a time for rebuilding, but that hasn't really started happening until the new Phillies management was put into place with this team. There has been a lot of moves to make this team better from a brand new prospective.

Are the Phillies going to go out there and win the NL East in 2016? I wouldn't go that far in saying that, but we are going to be in a much better position than last year. Look for a much better finish from this team in the new year.

So Happy New Year to the readers of the blog, I'd like to invite you to listen in to our podcast as well called Phillies Talk, you can find it right here on the website or on iTunes or Stitcher Radio.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Christmas Tale from Harry the K

Hard to believe it's almost been 7 years since Harry Kalas passed away, here's a link that I found on tonight, thanks Harry!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Phillies Talk Podcast: Christmas Dreams 2015

  2015 was a great year, I've re-launched the network of great baseball podcasts, and includes the 24/7 radio feed that you can listen to on the @TuneIn app on your smartphone or vehicle anywhere in the world.

Phillies Talk Podcast celebrated another year in production, it's the longest running independent broadcast on the Phillies. In 2015, (up to now) we've have over 17,000 downloads of the show.

Here's the Phillies Talk - Christmas Dreams show for 2015:

Monday, December 21, 2015

A look at the 2015 Rule 5 Phillies pick: Tyler Goeddel

When you look at Rule 5 draft pick ups, you normally associate a good player that another team for some reason or another hasn't promoted or protected a player to remain on their ballclub.

Just the nature of a Rule 5 pick is curious, if the player that you pick doesn't stay on your team's 25 man roster the entire season in the upcoming year, that player must be offered back to his original team by the drafting team. The player drafted in the Rule 5 must not be optioned or sent down to the minors. The team that is drafting the player may waive him at any time though, at which he may be signed by another team through the waiver process or if he is not claimed, be offered back to his original team. The drafting team may also trade the player to another team during the season keeping the original rules in effect.

The most interesting thing about Tyler Goeddel, who was the first pick overall in the 2015 Rule 5 draft is his position. He is a 3rd baseman, but has also played in left field and right field. That presents an interesting situation, as Maikel Franco has been touted as the Phillies future 3rd baseman for some time to come.

Goeddel banged out 72 RBI and 12 HR in AA ball last year for the Montgomery Biscuits in the Southern League.

Franco has appeared in 96 games as a Phillies player, last year he hit 50 RBI and 14 HR in 80 games for the team, which was very much appreciated by the fans.

There is going to be competition this year in Spring Training in Clearwater with the Phillies and Goeddel is adding to the mix.

Here's Goeddel's minors number courtesy of

201219Bowling GreenMIDWA1033295281192646.246
201320Bowling GreenMIDWA112450631121812765.249
Minors (4 seasons)Minors4511676224439793231244.262
All Levels (4 Seasons)4571697229443793431248.261
A (2 seasons)Minors215779115193371413111.248
Provided by View Original Table
Generated 12/20/2015.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Appel's route to the Phillies as Number 1 pick from 2013

Mark Appel is a Number 1 pick in all of baseball from 2013

Number 1 picks in baseball are usually fairly indicative of a player that is bound for some greatness in the game further down the road in his career.

Looking at the last Phillies 1st round pick at number 1 overall, you would have to go back to Pat Burrell to 1998 that the Phillies were able to draft at Number 1, as they will do in the June 2016 draft this upcoming year.

Mark Appel is now on the Phillies team, his pick at #1 overall in 2013 was the result of some last place finishes in all of baseball by the Houston Astros, enabling them to pick back to back as the #1 pick in all of baseball. The previous year, the Astros picked Carlos Correa and he is now a household name in the game of baseball.

Appel received a whopping $6.35M dollar signing bonus as the Astros number 1 pick back in '13, and he is currently ranked at #7 in the top signing bonuses in the history of baseball. Why then would the Astros be willing to part with him?

Ken Giles, recently installed as a Phillies closer, was traded to the Houston Astros for a package of players that included Appel and others. Houston's surplus of quality talent was a boon to the Phillies, who desperately needed to become younger, and better.

The comparison is that Giles has been having success in the MLB being a closer, if not only for a short time with the team, he only had 15 saves on a Phillies team last season that didn't have too many games available to save. Appel on the other hand has been a work in progress

Appel is a graduate of Stanford University, his last two seasons in college yielded a 10-2 and a 10-4 record. That was in 2012 and 2013. Appel's rise through the Astros minor league system was somewhat normal for a #1 pick but the stop at AAA Fresno last year in the Pacific Coast League didn't yield great results but his overall record was 5-2 with a 4.48 ERA. Not exactly the kind of finish that would make a team want to trade you.

Mark Appel's minor league totals in 3 seasons of minors is not stellar though, his record is 16-11 with a 5.12 ERA. Comparing Appel and Phillies starter Aaron Nola's minor league records, below in the chart, you can say that these two pitchers are faily evenly matched, throwing out the 9.82 ERA that Appel had in 2014 in 12 games in A+ ball. Graphic is courtesy of The Baseball Cube.

Adding all of this up, if Appel can find his groove with the Phillies we just may have a terrific starting rotation in 2016. That's something we won't know for a couple more months to come, but it's a sign that things may start to turn around for this team that really hit a low last year that we haven't experienced for many years before.