Monday, May 04, 2015

Phillies Talk Podcast - Needing Wins in Miami

Here's the latest Phillies Talk Podcast recorded on Saturday, May 2nd 2015. 

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Friday, May 01, 2015

Do the Phillies even want to get better?

Ryan Howard has hit a couple recent HRs but has looked like a player without emotion all of 2015

With the last three games ending in bad losses for the Phillies, you have to wonder, does Phillies management want to make this team better?

Ruben Amaro used to be a swashbuckling GM with a wanton disregard for how he spent his team's money and would sign big named talent in an attempt to keep up with the baseball Joneses of the league.

All that went out of the window, and now the Phillies act like they are an organization with no money and and even worse, no plan to get better.

All the talk is about who will end up with the last of the Phillies 'gems' of 2008, where will Cole Hamels land? How about some talk about how the organization can start to make this team better?

Who ever heard of keeping a coaching staff after a team finished so poorly in 2014 (73-89), and now that it's 2015 (8-15), there is still no talk of improving this team in the very least by getting some new coaches. The Phils organization was all to fast to show the most winning coaches the door in the time following the 2008 World Series win. This 2014/2015 coaching staff has either proved that their coaching skills at this level have been ineffective or in combination with that, the players aren't responding to ideas that will make them better.

All this and the team just keeps sinking, becoming an embarrassment to the way that they were just a few years ago.

It may be part of a plan to keep getting top 10 draft picks, but that puts the team another 3 years down the line before the impact of better picks even get in the the big league ballpark to play.  

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Phils sink back with 2 losses in St.Louis

Galvis is in 6th in the NL in BA - he's adopted a 'put the ball in play' style like Pete Rose used to do

The unpredictability continues with the Phillies, sometimes they play good, sometimes they play bad. For the past several years it's been a lot more bad than good.

The St. Louis Cardinals thumped the Phils 5-2 last night, and Aaron Harang's streak of good starts was abruptly stopped as he got tagged for 5 ER and gave up 9 H in 6.0 IP last night.

The younger Phillies players are raising their BA nicely, Freddie Galvis is in the top 10 in player BA so far. Two Phillies veterans are having a terrible April that threatens to continue into May. Chase Utley is batting .114 and Ryan Howard .191 and despite Howard hitting a few HR in the past few games, he hasn't been the solid player that the Phillies need him to be.

The Phils have sunk to the bottom of the NL East with the 8-14 record that they have.

An afternoon game today in St. Louis, at 1:45 PM Philly time hopes that they can salvage at least a win and get out of St. Louis with their pride.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hamels picks up first win in St. Louis

Cole Hamels was dealing last night in St. Louis

Cole Hamels was on a mission last night, with 9 SO as he earned his first win of the season with the Phillies winning 4-1 over the St. Louis Cardinals.

Hamels has been one of the top pitchers with the most Quality Starts since 2013 as you can see by this list: (Prior to the start of last night's game)

Pitcher - Number of QS - Record in those QS
 James Shields 55   28-11 (.718)
T2. Adam Wainwright 54   38-11 (.776)   Clayton Kershaw 54   35-7 (.833)
T4. COLE HAMELS 52   16-13 (.552)    Felix Hernandez 52   27-7 (.794)
 6. Max Scherzer 51   35-4 (.897)

Ben Revere had 2 RBI on the night as he is starting to produce more as the season goes on. Revere also had an RBI in Sunday's game in the victory over the Braves.

Jonathan Papelbon picked up his 5th save of the 2015 season, Pap is inching closer to a record of most saves by a Phillies pitcher.

Game 2 of the series in St. Louis is tonight, the Phillies send up a first time starter, Severino Gonzalez, he last got a win against Scranton WB on 4/21. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Can the Phillies climb ahead in the odds race?

It goes without saying that the Phillies have struggled out of the gate, losing 11 of their first 16 games to crash to the bottom of the NL East standings. The Phillies have already lost four of their first five series and there appears to be no end in sight to the Phillies’ woes.

Offense has been an obvious problem. The Phillies have swung the bat poorly in their opening five series, recording a team batting average of just .214, the worst mark in the entire National League. They are also at the bottom of the pile in the runs and RBI departments, posting just 49 runs and 47 RBIs through 16 games.

It’s tough enough to win with your offense out of sync it’s even harder when your pitching is struggling as well. Through their first five series in April, the Phillies’ pitching staff has walked a total of 66 batters, the highest in the majors this season. With problems engulfing the club left and right, it isn’t a surprise to see Philadelphia’s odds to win the championship tumble. Current MLB betting lines at TopBet show the Phillies are far from the favorite in 2015, sitting at +40,000 to capture the World Series this season.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though, for the struggling Phillies. Cody Asche has provided some glimmer of hope for the Philadelphia faithful with his excellent play this season. Through 15 games played, Asche is 18-of-59 with two homers, two doubles, three RBIs and four walks.

Asche can’t do it all by his lonesome, though. For Philadelphia to turn its season around, the veterans need to step it up and start contributing on the offensive end. Ryan Howard and Chase Utley have been simply atrocious to start the season, batting .193 and .121, respectively, for the Phillies through their first five series. Howard has been miserable at the plate, striking out 18 times, while Utley only has seven hits in 58 at-bats.

Phils on the road vs. St Louis minus Wainwright

Wainwright is pictured after injuring himself in Milwaukee

The Phillies will open up a 4-game series tonight in St. Louis after taking two games from the Braves at CBP over the weekend.

Adam Wainwright won't be facing the Phillies on this trip and may be out for the season pending additional tests that he'll undergo today in the St. Louis area. His left ankle and Achillies are injured, and the Cards will be without him for a while in the least.

The injury could open the door for the Pirates and Cubs in the NL Central who are improving and looking to overtake the Cardinals hold on that division.

The Phils and the Cards square off at 8:15 PM EDT for Mon-Wednesday's games, and then a 1:45 PM business person's special on Thursday to finish up the series before moving on to May 1st and Miami for a weekend series there.

The Phils probable starters against St. Louis:

Mon: Cole Hamels

Tue: Severino Gonzalez

Wed: Aaron Harang

Thu: David Buchanan

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Is this the last hurrah for Chase Utley?

Utley has had a mighty struggle in 2015 is it just the weather and a slow start?

With nearly a month of play in the books so far, you wouldn't expect Chase Utley to have done so poorly in that time.

Chase has had 56 AB and is batting an incredibly low .125 while scoring 3 R and striking out 11 times. Can this be the end of Chase's career?

Utley, who is 36 is currently in his 13th year in the MLB, and he has another 3 years on his contract for and additional $45M beyond the $15M he'll earn in 2015.

Some have to wonder is this just a very slow start for Chase or is his career in jeopardy of ending? With each game he goes out there and the results are disappointing, the possibility of an abrupt end to the career of this great Phillies player exists.

 Sometimes it happens fast, when all the skills the younger player had is now gone. Hopefully we're just seeing an early season struggle.

Phils eek out victory against error filled game by Braves in rare error walk off win

Galvis comes up with the winning run last night for the Phillies who sorely needed a win

The Phillies manager has continually said he is stressing the fundamentals. Ryne Sandberg has to keep on saying this in the first month of the season so far because the Phillies just can't seem to play baseball using the fundamentals. They've made plenty of throwing mistakes, errors, and assorted other fundmental parts of the game that they just don't seem to do well.

Last night, it was the Braves who looked like they didn't have it all together, and the Phillies waited until the 9th inning to get a run home, mainly on the efforts of Freddie Galvis, who seemed to take advantage of a lax Braves defense and scampered home on a hit to first base last night.

Again, Aaron Harrang kept the Phillies in this game that went scoreless until the bottom of the 9th inning.

The Braves scattered 4 errors in this game, to help the Phils earn the victory in this game. It was the first time since 1975 that the Phillies won the game on a walk-off error  when Freddie Freeman booted the ball that was hit to him by Ben Revere.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Phillies Talk Podcast: Fundamentals can be fun!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Phillies welcome Marlins for first time in 2015

Haren goes tonight for the Marlins in Philadelphia

The Phillies welcome in the Miami Marlins for the first time this season to Philly tonight.

Recently, Marlins slugger, Giancarlo "Mike" Stanton said that the Marlins haven't been fiery enough for him. I wonder what he would say if he was on the Phillies?

The only team in the NL East not playing better than the Phillies is the Miami Marlins. They sit at 3-10 on the season and come into tonight's game trying to snap a 4-game losing streak.

Dan Haren is pitching for the Marlins tonight and here's how his career has looked over his 13 season in the big leagues:

Year Age Tm W L W-L% ERA G GS IP Awards
2003 22 STL 3 7 .300 5.08 14 14 72.2
2004 23 STL 3 3 .500 4.50 14 5 46.0
2005 24 OAK 14 12 .538 3.73 34 34 217.0
2006 25 OAK 14 13 .519 4.12 34 34 223.0
2007 ★ 26 OAK 15 9 .625 3.07 34 34 222.2 AS
2008 ★ 27 ARI 16 8 .667 3.33 33 33 216.0 AS
2009 ★ 28 ARI 14 10 .583 3.14 33 33 229.1 AS,CYA-5
2010 29 TOT 12 12 .500 3.91 35 35 235.0
2010 29 ARI 7 8 .467 4.60 21 21 141.0
2010 29 LAA 5 4 .556 2.87 14 14 94.0
2011 30 LAA 16 10 .615 3.17 35 34 238.1 CYA-7
2012 31 LAA 12 13 .480 4.33 30 30 176.2
2013 32 WSN 10 14 .417 4.67 31 30 169.2
2014 33 LAD 13 11 .542 4.02 32 32 186.0
2015 34 MIA 1 0 1.000 2.08 2 2 13.0
13 Yrs 143 122 .540 3.76 361 350 2245.1
162 Game Avg. 14 12 .540 3.76 35 33 215
ARI (3 yrs) 37 26 .587 3.56 87 87 586.1
OAK (3 yrs) 43 34 .558 3.64 102 102 662.2
LAA (3 yrs) 33 27 .550 3.52 79 78 509.0
STL (2 yrs) 6 10 .375 4.85 28 19 118.2
LAD (1 yr) 13 11 .542 4.02 32 32 186.0
WSN (1 yr) 10 14 .417 4.67 31 30 169.2
MIA (1 yr) 1 0 1.000 2.08 2 2 13.0
NL (8 yrs) 67 61 .523 3.94 180 170 1073.2
AL (6 yrs) 76 61 .555 3.59 181 180 1171.2
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