Sunday, August 13, 2017

Phillies now with Hoskins as the experiments continue for Phils

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Is Klentak suitable as a GM in the MLB?

All a lot of long time Phillies fans have been talking about this season is bringing up some of the players in the minor leagues that have been doing quite well for the AAA affiliate, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. Usually, the Phillies will not be bringing the younger players on until September, when the rosters expand and the team can add them the way they'd like to on the Phillies roster. Questions of service time and rookie status all play a part in the decisions of calling up players.

Apparently, the Phils succumbed to fan and media pressure, because they did add a couple of higher profile players to this team despite the fact that even though they were doing well in the minors, they are on the major league roster today.

Has this made a significant improvement for the Phillies? The answer to that would be at this point not really all that much. It's given some fans a reason to buy a ticket to ballgames to see these new players on the field, but I would say that nothing significant has been changed as to the outcome of the games in regards to winning.

That leaves some more questions about the Phillies rebuild? What is going on with this? We've already seen the money wasted that was spent on two acquisitions on Howie Kendrick and Michael Saunders. These two were unlikely to remain with the Phillies after this year and were an odd paring. Down deep I really think the only reason the Phillies GM added them to the roster was to boost up the payroll. It was very low if no free agents were added fans would have been vocal about that, this was an experiment that really makes you wonder about Matt Klentak.

Did Klentak have the credentials to become a major league GM? I really don't think this is the case, yes, he may have been employed in some capacity in the upper management level with the Angels and before that with team President, Andy MacPhail, but what have these two brought to the Phillies table?

The Phils take on the Mets this afternoon in a battle for mediocrity in the NL East, my suggestion, get outdoors and skip hanging near the TV watching this, as Mike Schmidt said yesterday at the alumni night gathering at the stadium, "Live every day like it's your last, be a beacon of light and spread love at home and in your community."

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Phils can't solve Mets - on what would have been Pete Rose Bobblehead night

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Darren Daulton's jersey hangs in the Phillies locker room

There should have been a promotion handed out last night. It's something a lot of Phillies fans were waiting for all season. It was supposed to be Pete Rose bobblehead night at Citizens Bank Park but 'do to recent events' this plan was cancelled.

Here's what the giveaway would have looked like

Let's go back a week in time and look at what the recent events were. Pete Rose is in a protracted lawsuit against John Dowd, a person who over the years has been going out of his way to continually drag Pete Rose's name down to the depths of areas normally reserved for people who are very much more concerning that a guy like Pete Rose is.

Out of that litigation came a claim from the Dowd side, he claimed that he had someone who was saying that over 40 years ago, this person admitted that as a teen, she supposedly sleep with Pete Rose. Rose said she was 16 years old, which is the legal age for consent in the state of Ohio. She now states she may have been younger than 16. Rose refutes this and now even it's a mute point.

That's where the story started to get the radio airwaves going and people on social media throwing around their two cents, many of whom have never seen a Phillies games, nor would ever be going to the ballpark. Somehow after listening to a lot of rhetoric, the Phillies decided they didn't want to go through with the Pete Rose events that were planned.

What has changed with the outcomes of legalities surrounding Pete Rose? Absolutely nothing. There is nothing that has changed with the status of Rose. Perhaps there is a bit of a judgement against him by people who think they are very close to god, all of those twitter folks that profess to be close to near perfectness (just ask them and they'll tell you) but nothing significant has changed in the Rose story.

Back to baseball, and the Phillies are starting to pile up losses again. The team just isn't playing well against the Mets. The Phils are 11-2 on the season against the Braves but only 3-8 against the Mets. Last night, the Phils dropped their 8th loss to them by a score of 7-6.

Darren Daulton was honored in a moment of silence last night. Daulton was a very popular player from the incredible 1993 team, who made it from out of no where to the World Series. Team chemistry plays a lot in baseball and that team has plenty of chemistry. A lot of players who played team baseball, not the individuals that seem to dominate the baseball news scene of today.

Alumni weekend rolls on minus Pete Rose tonight, rain is in the forecast though, we'll see how that possibly affects the game. The Phils have two more games left in this series with the Mets and then they hit the road again, in a very strange Phillies schedule this year. I don't remember this many quirks in a schedule ever for the Phillies.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Daulton's death adds to Phillies list, but still no connection

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The death of Darren Daulton the other day from brain cancer was a very tough event on longtime Phillies fans. Dutch was a very popular player among his peers and the fans really loved him too.

His death is the 4th player that has been from the same aggressive brain cancer, Gliboblastoma, that has taken Tug McGraw, John Vukovich, and John Oates from us over the years. It is also the cancer that politician John McCain has.

The common denominator is that all of these players played in Veterans Stadium for some time, and other Astro Turf stadiums that were popular in the mid-1970's and into the 80's and 90's and in Philadelphia's case, right up until 2003 when Veterans Stadium closed up after that season.

What I remember as a fan from back in the Veterans Stadium era, that when we had heatwaves, the heat on the field was unbearable. The temperatures could be as high as 130 on the field when it was in the 90's. There would need to be a larger study of more people that know someone who perhaps worked at the stadium for years and came down with this or something similar.

Here's an article link that goes back to 2011 on more players that have come down with this type of cancer.

Is there a connection between what is a mystery that may never be solved? This was a question that was posed to a doctor, John Lee of the University of Pennsylvania hospital, area recently by CBS 3,

“Although we’re getting a rash of Phillies baseball players, it’s probably just the statistical anomaly and probably nothing we would be able to prove scientifically,” Lee said. 


“We currently have very little info or science to prove there’s any kind of association with brain cancer with anything that you’re exposed to,” Lee said.


Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Phillies Talk Podcast live: Pete Rose talk live with Baseball sportscaster/ Attorney Ed Kasputis from Ohio

Tune in on Friday at 5:30 PM for a live special edition of the Phillies Talk Podcast, the longest running independent podcast show on the Philadelphia Phillies.

On this edition, I am talking with longtime sports commentator and Ohio attorney, Ed Kasputis from on the latest Pete Rose story/ scandal that the Phillies organization and Rose himself thought it better that he didn't appear to have his name enshrined on the Phillies 'Wall of Fame' for Alumni night originally scheduled for August 12th.

What are your comments?

Phillies: Pete Rose, shrouded in yet another controversy must stay off 'The Wall' for now

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Pete Rose shown here with his wife in Cincinnati still has plenty of support, he'll be vindicated is what a lot of long time fans believe, but he isn't the one on trial even

Well, talk about a storm that brewed up and blew across the country in record time, fanning flames of different opinions about the latest controversy that has managed to circle around the hitter that has the most hits in baseball history, and one of the best players to ever play the game.

Pete Rose, who is apparently defending himself from these accusations from a person that seemed to have been after him for years, now faces another storm of public opinion fanned by the flames of a rampant social media platform in the USA that apparently presumes that you are indeed guilty until proven innocent.

Here's the facts as reported that surfaced in the past couple days:


The Philadelphia Phillies announced Wednesday that they've canceled a ceremony to honor Hit King and former Cincinnati Reds great Pete Rose and induct him into the Phillies Wall of Fame on Aug. 12. The team also won't distribute a bobblehead figurine of Rose as it had planned as part of a giveaway at Citizens Bank Park on Aug. 11 in light of testimony accusing Rose of statutory rape, included as part of an ongoing defamation lawsuit Rose filed last year against John Dowd. 

Meaning, that Pete Rose is suing a person for defamation of character. This person happens to be a lawyer and a person who is adept at using some really nasty dirty tricks to attempt to fend off Rose's lawyers from this case. All of a sudden, after all these years, there apparently someone in the wings that is saying that Pete Rose illegally had sex with a minor back in the 1970's. 

No, this wasn't an investigation, it's part of another matter of litigation. The accusation isn't new either, for all the people out there that have been hearing about this for the first time. It's understandably not pleasant to think about. 

Did Pete Rose have an affair while he was married back in the 1970's and have sex with a willing person who was 16 years of age? Apparently, the Hit King is saying yes, he did have an affair and the person was 16 years old, which according to Ohio law, wasn't a crime at the time. Yes, he's admitted to this according to documents filed in court on Monday.

John Dowd, the lawyer that Pete Rose is suing for defamation has asserted for years that Pete Rose use to run around and have a fascination with young women who were underage, had sex with them, and made it seem in radio interviews and elsewhere that Rose in fact did this regularly. He didn't have any proof apparently, but now somehow on que, this 'proof' has surfaced just in time for this lawsuit. Talk about odd timing for this to surface.
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Pete Rose shown next to an awesome statue of him with that famous head first slide, many fans didn't get see him play so they don't really know what they missed 

The news spread like wildfire on social media, the usual loose cannon sports writers, sent their cannons into full fire mode on Rose, condemning him as the worst person on earth behind this very 'loose' information on the court document that purports to have a witness, conveniently named, "Jane Doe" on the court document. This is legal speak that essentially means that this person may or may not exist. You put in a bunch of "Jane Does" and "John Does" in a lawsuit in hopes that something will materialize out of it. 

Poor unsuspecting fans that don't really know what is happening, really let loose too. Understandably, not many people are in favor of sexual deviants that find it joyful to take advantage of minors in a quest to have sex with them. It's morally and legally wrong and just plain bad. 

Is Pete Rose a sexual deviant? He acknowledged an affair, and he was married at the time, if someone had an affair with an 18-year old in today's world, it's classified as an affair which is what the situation was with Rose back in the mid-1970's with a person who was then able to decide for themselves that this was ok. The only difference is now the person that Pete Rose is suing for defamation is now alleging again what he's been accusing him of for years. 

It's amazing that people will bash and come to various conclusions in high profile writing jobs that would even take a side in this issue. That just shows you what kind of people they are. I am not going to even bother to name the names, you've read the articles already. These writers and commentators have already declared the Hit King guilty. Imagine that, they are now the judge, jury and use their silly foil of readers to buffet their claims. Only in America in 2017 can this be something that is happening. It's not just with this issue, it's with many issues of today. 

Please don't jump to conclusions. The Phillies fans have voted, they voted the Hit King onto the Phillies Wall of Fame. Big deal, a wall in a stadium to honor a guy that we've already known is one of the greatest players to ever play the game. He happened to put a few good years of his career on the Phillies team. No, he won't be on The Wall on August 12th due to the flame of social media pressures but think about the implications of this. A man accusing someone else of defaming him in court and now he's defaming him again in the same court (not surprisingly). It's surreal, hopefully one day we'll see him honored up on The Wall, Rose is getting another round of battering from an unsubstantiated source at this time. It's something that a lawyer in a defamation case probably loved to do, the unsuspecting people take the bait and run with it. The Phillies organization in in the middle of it all, tried to give the fans what they voted on. The Hit King at Citizens Bank Park being honored by their own.

Stay tuned to this blog for info on a special live Phillies Talk Podcast show this Friday at 5:30 PM Eastern talking the legal points on this with an Ohio lawyer and baseball podcaster as my guest.. tune in live right here at or live via via the worldwide radio stream at

Monday, July 31, 2017

Phillies find themselves on the winning side

Winning is refreshing isn't it? The Phillies have delivered some much needed wins in the last 11 games, if you're counting, it's 8 wins in 11 games. Today, the Phils face the Braves in a very rare 12:35 PM Monday PM game at Citizens Bank Park to wrap up a 4-game series.

What is behind the winning ways? Some may say it was Odubel's benching and spotlight that was thrown on him again for conduct that according to Pete Mackanin is an issue on this team. Maybe it was just a coincidence that this just happened around the same time. There's been a different player stepping up and coming through for the team in the past week.

In the first half of the season, the Phils were on the wrong side of just about every close game they were in. In May, the team somehow managed to turn in a 6-22 record that really set the tone for a long stay as the worst team in baseball. At 38-64, the Phillies are still at the bottom of all of baseball, but they have some contenders chasing them for that crown now. The San Francisco Giants are 40-66 all of a sudden, and the Reds are 42-63. Pythagorean theory has the Phillies team at 43-59 on the season, but that shows you that certain games the Phils were 'supposed' to win, they didn't. Unfortunately, that doesn't count.

There are 60 games left on the 2017 schedule with the Phils. If they can continue to stay competitive and reel in some more much needed wins, they may be able to salvage at least some respect for thsi team on the season.

Let's see what the month of July has looked like thanks to :

Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm Opp W/L W-L GB
Gm# Date Tm Opp W/L W-L GB
79Saturday, Jul 1boxscorePHI@NYML26-5320.0
80Sunday, Jul 2boxscorePHI@NYMW27-5320.0
81Monday, Jul 3boxscorePHIPITW28-5320.0
82Tuesday, Jul 4boxscorePHIPITL28-5421.0
83Wednesday, Jul 5boxscorePHIPITL28-5521.5
84Thursday, Jul 6boxscorePHIPITL28-5621.5
85Friday, Jul 7boxscorePHISDPL28-5722.5
86Saturday, Jul 8boxscorePHISDPL28-5822.5
87Sunday, Jul 9boxscorePHISDPW29-5822.5
88Friday, Jul 14boxscorePHI@MILL29-5923.5
89Saturday, Jul 15boxscorePHI@MILL29-6024.5
90Sunday, Jul 16boxscorePHI@MILW30-6024.5
91Monday, Jul 17boxscorePHI@MIAL-wo30-6125.5
92Tuesday, Jul 18boxscorePHI@MIAW31-6125.5
93Wednesday, Jul 19boxscorePHI@MIAW32-6124.5
94Friday, Jul 21boxscorePHIMILW33-6123.5
95Saturday, Jul 22boxscorePHIMILL33-6224.5
96Sunday, Jul 23boxscorePHIMILW34-6224.5
97Monday, Jul 24boxscorePHIHOUL34-6325.0
98Tuesday, Jul 25boxscorePHIHOUL34-6425.0
99Wednesday, Jul 26boxscorePHIHOUW35-6425.0
100Friday, Jul 28boxscorePHIATLW36-6425.0
Gm# Date Tm Opp W/L W-L GB
101Saturday, Jul 29boxscorePHIATLW-wo37-6424.0
102Sunday, Jul 30boxscorePHIATLW-wo38-6423.5
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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hellickson, Kendrick, and Neshek are now gone from Phils, what now?

Jeremy Hellickson would have probably would have liked to be traded to a contender, but the Orioles still may be able to deal him to a contender in a better deal for them

Jeremy Hellickson was a game time scratch last night, a sure telltale sign that he was on the move from the Phillies as an imminent deal was in the cards for him. An unlikely team in the Baltimore Orioles picked him up, they really aren't in the pennant race the team is currently 6.5 GB in the Wild Card race, but they took Jeremy off of our hands.

What did we get in return for Hellickson (and cash)?  Not a whole lot. We get an outfielder, Hyun Soo Kim, a pitcher, Garrett Clevinger, and some money to sign international talent.

Howie Kendrick (and cash) went to the Nationals, I don't understand this trade too much. Why would we pay someone's salary that is doing good for the team and then trade him to a team in the same Division as the Phillies? We get McKenzie Mills, a minor league pitcher.

For Neshek, we got 3 players that featured one minor league player that has promise.

The Klentak era is getting more and more puzzling. We need Howard Eskin in there asking questions on these trades. What is happening to this Phillies team?

Well, the team won last night in a very much needed win again. This was the Phils 36th win on the year, they are now 36-64 still the worst team in baseball. Some teams are trying to catch up with the Phillies though for that crown.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Phillies find a refreshing winning streak and battle more in 2nd half

The team battled back last night, and has been playing a little more crisply in the 2nd half of the season

Just when you thought the Phillies season was over and everything was filled with losing, the team ventured on and finally found a nice winning streak. Even though, they lost last night in an epic game where they battled back to a 9-8 loss, the team seems to be really trying the hardest they have all season. The brief winning streak got some fans talking at least.

The Phillies will have to continue playing well to match the season high of a six-game winning streak which was set back in April.  It's great to see the teams wins total rise after what seemed to be forever anchored to the twenty something wins that the team has been mired on for some time. The Phils notched their 20th win on June 5th, and didn't get to 30 wins until July 16th.

This is just what Phillies fans needed to bring up the spirits and give us some faith that this team can indeed win ballgames. The Phil won their 3rd game in a row before a crowd of 17,550 on a humid Friday night against a team that is in first place in the NL Central.

The Brewers just got finished playing the Phillies in Milwaukee last week, with the Brew crew taking two of three there. The Phils are just 11-26 this year in 1-run games including last night where they clawed their way back in a 9-8 loss. The month of May was especially difficult for the Phillies, the Phils were 6-22 for the month. I would really like to know what went on to cause this to happen. I know the bullpen was imploding regularly, and the offense was sputtering very badly.

There has been talk where some of the players on the Phils roster may be traded, that could be good for them as players. The Phillies management have shown the fans that this rebuild is very much in a state of flux so far. Matt Klentak has answered questions about the Phillies future with a lot of mumbo jumbo talk about this team. We're smarter than that in Philly, we don't buy into talk that we know is a bunch of double speak.

Howard Eskin asks a legitimate question to Matt Klentak and Matt gets mad that this press person is a real press guy, not a team 'party line' press person like most of the guys that sit up in the Phillies press box. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Williams gets first Grand Slam, who will the Phillies bring up next?

Nick Williams was touted as being the 4th best player in the Phillies minors. Who ever thought that must be onto something as Williams hit his first Grand Slam in a Phillies uniform yesterday to give the Phillies a decisive 5-2 win vs. the Brewers to avoid a sweep.

It seems that Nick has made a pretty smooth transition to the big leagues, now the Phillies organization has to keep on going and bring more players up that can make an impact on this team. Why wait till September? Well, there are only 25 roster spots as of right now, so that is the main reason.

In years past, it seemed like the Phillies let players languish in the minors forever. There are reasons for that as well, when the team was playing greatly, there was no space for the younger players to come up, but even with Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, it seemed like the team waited way too long to bring them up.

There is new upper management here now though, it's no longer the old long time established group that use to be in charge of this team. Ruben Amaro Jr. had long time Phillies ties to the organization as did his predecessor, Ed Wade. Wade is still with the Phillies to this day as a special consultant. He really gave the Phillies some gifts after going to Houston, we got Brad Lidge and Hunter Pence from Houston and we all know what impact they have had on baseball.

So who will be the next player that the Phillies bring up? Rhys Hoskins is 24 years old, and the Phils have big plans for him. What not waive Tommy Joseph or trade him and bring him up?  It seemed like Maikel Franco was going to be protected for a long time by the team, but now with the revelation that no one is untouchable as far as trade. Perhaps the Phillies can get inventive with moving and acquiring players?

This team can't keep waiting to get better, it's been bad for a long time now. Recent moves by GM Matt Klentak have been puzzling. Mostly every move that's been made so far on this team has been wrong.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

What would Matt Stairs would say about Phillies hitting now

This season, Matt Stairs made the transition from the TV booth to the coaching staff of the Phillies. He's the Phillies hitting coach for 2017, but I am very curious to hear if he would critique this team the same now that he is in that role with the team.

The Phillies seem the worst that they ever have at the plate, they swing and miss by a mile, they don't look like they are up to the plate to get a hit, but they always look like they are swinging for the fences. What happened to the old fashioned theme of hits mean runs?

Unfortunately in front of our eyes this season, may be the worst Phillies team ever. They are on pace to lose well over 100 games. That is not fiction, it will be fact. Just how many games will they lose? It's a situation where the Phillies aren't the favorites very often. You can always check out the daily odds at live betting at to have an idea.

What is making this team so bad? A lack of hitting when it counts, lackadaisical base running, and just playing poorly. I don't see how people can say that Pete Mackanin is a good manager, we've seen plenty of mistakes day after day with this team. It's the kind of basics that major league players know well, but this team seems to violate this every game.

It's very difficult to watch, and very hard to believe that this team is this bad. It's going to make a very long rest of the summer for Phillies fans. My suggestion, don't let them bring you down. Don't stay glued to your televisions watching this game after game, check out the highlights (or lowlights) after it's all done. Get out there and get some fresh summer air, it's going to do much better for you and your health than watching this Phillies team play the rest of the summer.  

Phils hitting in 2017:

Team Batting
1CCameron Rupp52176213996151.222.313
21BTommy Joseph8430234741615431.245.307
32BCesar Hernandez# (10-day dl)582384066105146.277.336
4SSFreddy Galvis#8932633811710376.248.301
53BMaikel Franco8532732731613470.223.278
6LFAaron Altherr7927140782014445.288.359
7CFOdubel Herrera*863353487268325.260.297
8RFMichael Saunders*61200254196200.205.257
9LFDaniel Nava#61141174163151.291.386
10CAndrew Knapp#40124203153111.250.356
11UTHowie Kendrick (10-day dl)33126154482148.349.403
12IFAndres Blanco#51964142151.146.226
131BBrock Stassi*48735132270.178.286
14UTTy Kelly#40634116190.175.214
15OFNick Williams*12394102120.256.302
16OFCameron Perkins1637362020.162.200
17PJeremy Hellickson1831131020.097.176
18PAaron Nola1424210000.042.148
19PNick Pivetta1221220000.095.095
20PJerad Eickhoff1517110000.059.059
21PVince Velasquez (10-day dl)1118160010.333.333
22PZach Eflin (40-man)814120010.143.143
23PBen Lively (40-man)711120120.182.182
24PMark Leiter157010000.143.143
25PAdam Morgan*112010000.500.667
26PClay Buchholz* (60-day dl)22000000.000.000
27PRicardo Pinto61000000.000.000
28PPat Neshek#390000000
29PJeanmar Gomez180000000
30PLuis Garcia310000000
31PHoby Milner*50000000
32PHector Neris390000000
33PJake Thompson (40-man)30000000
34PJoely Rodriguez*270000000
35PEdubray Ramos (40-man)350000000
36PJoaquin Benoit390000000
37PCasey Fien (60-day dl)40000000
Team Totals8930223407281579132335.241.304
Rank in 15 NL teams131414912121413
Non-Pitcher Totals8928743317091569031735.247.310
Pitcher Totals891489191160.128.168
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