Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bowa still has the fire

Larry Bowa fans know that he has a fine line between his typically quiet nature in the dugout, to a raging inferno of hormones in just a few seconds...

In case you missed this the other night, this is classic Bowa, getting upset at a call, then following through. We don't see a lot of this in baseball since the infamous instant replay do we?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It's like 2007 again - Phillies Talk Podcast

The Mets and Phillies have a great rivalry that has been on hiatus over the past couple of years, this past Monday changed all of that with one of the most exciting games that we've seen them play against one another.

It's the latest edition of Phillies Talk Podcast, the longest running independent show that covers the Philadelphia Phillies. Listen in and subscribe on iTunes!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wild game as Phils solved deGrom but bullpen imploded to allow Mets HR barage

David Wright, the Mets captain, returned to the team last night hitting a HR but making 2 errors

Well, the good news is that the Phillies found a way to beat Jacob deGrom last night, but the Phillies pitching staff couldn't hold the Mets offense back.

The Mets answered after being down 7-2 against the Phillies by chipping away at the Phillies starter, Adam Morgan, and then taking advantage of a bullpen that imploded for the Phillies.

The Phillies bullpen came into the game to relieve Adam Morgan, who himself gave up 4 HR, and then the Mets unleashed a torrent of home runs that set a new record for home runs hit in a game at Citizens Bank Park last night.

Howard, Rupp, and Brown all had HR's for the Phillies to put them into a nice lead and then the Mets fired back with HR's by hitting long balls against starter Adam Morgan by Wright, Flores, Lagares, and d'Arnaud before he was taken out of the game. Morgan gave up 5 ER with 3 SO while giving up 4 HR.

The Phillies relievers didn't do much better. Hector Neris was next, he gave up 2 HR to the Mets that were hit by Flores and Cuddyer. Neris gave up 4 ER on the night.

It didn't stop there, the Mets were in full swing mode still as they hit another HR off of Phillies reliever Justin DeFratus (Justin gave up 5 ER to match his 5.93 ERA) by Daniel Murphy and then one more by the Mets against Phillies pitcher Adam Loewen by Yoenis Cespedes.

The final score was 16-7 in a rout by the Mets, but the Phillies did have chances to answer back many times during the game despite the HR's that were being hit. The Phils stranded many base runners late in the game, the bases were loaded for Domonic Brown and he could just offer up a two-out pop out.

Game 2 of the series continues tonight, it doesn't look too much better for the Phillies as Jerome Williams starts for the Phillies with his 6.10 ERA.

Mets HR's :  8

Phillies HR's: 3

New record for CBP with 11 HR in a game

Monday, August 24, 2015

Phillies need to figure out how to solve deGrom

Jacob deGrom is only 27 years old, that's a great age to be when you're developing into one of the best pitchers in baseball. Right now, this young pitcher is on the doorstep of becoming rich because of the game of baseball, he's making just above the Major League salary minimum which is $507,500 - deGrom is at $556,875 for 2015.

Jacob is under team control until 2018 when he is arbitration eligible, that doesn't mean that the Mets might not want to dangle some serious cash in front of him to keep him happy well before then. Take a look at the other Mets potential superstar pitcher, Matt Harvey, who is making $614K this year, the Mets days of cheap really good pitching is over after this season with the Dark Knight, as Harvey is called, he is arbitration eligible after this year and his agent just happens to be Scott Boras.

Back to Jacob, Mr. deGrom is going up against the Phillies tonight, and he's bringing his season 1.98 ERA up against some younger Phillies that would love to see that average taken a little higher.

Did I mention that deGrom was the Rookie of the Year last year in the NL? Yes, he was.

A quick look at deGrom's record and you can see that he has 6 losses this year to go along with his 12 wins, so he's not invincible. He hasn't lost a game since July 2nd though, but looking at his losses a couple were from the Washington Nationals, and 2 losses to the Chicago Cubs and his last game that he lost was back in early July, against those same Cubs.The loss back then happened when the Cubs swept the Mets at New York culminating with the deGrom loss on the last game of the series.

Will some of the Phillies that have been crushing the ball lately show up tonight at home to show the home town fans and of course deGrom himself, that they are the next up and coming stars of the National League? We'll see later tonight at Citizens Bank Park.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Howard is ambivalent about where he'll be next year

$155M and some years later, Ryan Howard is still a Phillies player

Ryan Howard is a good interviewee, the other night on Comcast SportsNet from Philadelphia, he was interviewed about his own tenure as a Phillies player and also about Chase Utley who had just been traded to the LA Dodgers.

When asked about what he thought may happen in his own career as far as staying with or being traded from the Phillies, Howard was very non-committal to both. He simply said, he's looking forward to the off-season and staying in shape during that time and whatever happens will happen. He didn't profess any great love for the Phillies, and simply said, if I'm on the Phillies that would be fine or if he's somewhere else, that also would be fine.

I guess so, speaking on the terms of his mega-contract that extends into 2017. Howard is guaranteed at least another nearly $50M dollars from the Phillies any way you look at it.

Roundly criticized as one of the worst ever contracts in baseball, Howard was bestowed the huge $125M dollar contract from Ruben Amaro on the road in San Francisco. It was April 2010, and after the deal was announced on the road, Howard said, "Hopefully there's no riots back in Philadelphia."

There were no riots, but there was plenty of second guessing and since then an iron clad knowledge that it was the wrong time to offer Howard such a huge deal based upon 4 really nice seasons that he put together.

Ruben Amaro bet on the future, and he lost.

Yes, Ryan Howard has been through injury and back, but he was never the same player after he inked his name to that contract. The deal had been done and there was no looking back. Howard's made nearly $155M playing the game of baseball in Philadelphia he's not ambivalent to his bank balance.

The numbers tell a story, Ruben's bet on Howard's career was based on 4 seasons (2006-2009) that were looking like they would take Howard straight to Cooperstown (may he still be Hall worthy?):

Year Age G AB R H 2B HR RBI SO BA Awards
2004 24 19 39 5 11 5 2 5 13 .282
2005 25 88 312 52 90 17 22 63 100 .288 RoY-1
2006 ★ 26 159 581 104 182 25 58 149 181 .313 AS,MVP-1,SS
2007 27 144 529 94 142 26 47 136 199 .268 MVP-5
2008 28 162 610 105 153 26 48 146 199 .251 MVP-2
2009 ★ 29 160 616 105 172 37 45 141 186 .279 AS,MVP-3
2010 ★ 30 143 550 87 152 23 31 108 157 .276 AS,MVP-10
2011 31 152 557 81 141 30 33 116 172 .253 MVP-10
2012 32 71 260 28 57 11 14 56 99 .219
2013 33 80 286 34 76 20 11 43 95 .266
2014 34 153 569 65 127 18 23 95 190 .223
2015 35 109 398 42 93 24 19 65 121 .234
12 Yrs 1440 5307 802 1396 262 353 1123 1712 .263
162 Game Avg. 162 597 90 157 29 40 126 193 .263
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Friday, August 21, 2015

Williams has forgettable night

Resuced from the mound last night, Williams just didn't have it last night

Jerome Williams would probably want to hit rewind on the DVR and start last night's game over.

He gave up 8 ER in just 1.2 innings last night, and really never found his groove. There wasn't a visit to the mound, a few words of consoling by the Phillies pitching coach, no, he was on his own out there last night until Pete Mackanin came out to get the ball from him.

Jerome Williams has been that way throughout his career, he looks promising at first and then goes down the drain. He was signed by the LA Angels a couple years ago, and he turned in a 10-6 record, then turned in two below par years 68 and 9 the next two seasons. With numbers like that, a team doesn't feel the need to keep you.

Despite having a career 52-62 record and not staying with any team for too long, Williams has earned nearly $9M playing baseball. There are a lot of others like him as well. Look at former Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick, he's earned an incredible $24.5M over his career ($7.6M from the Phillies in 2014) being an average or below average pitcher.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Utley may be heading to the West Coast

The deal was just announced late this afternoon, Chase Utley may be on his way to the West Coast and the LA Dodgers.

Despite just yesterday saying that Utley may remain a Phillie, General Manager Ruben Amaro has now acknowledge that the possibility of an Utley deal may be at hand.

The deal with the Dodgers has the Phillies sending $2 million of Chase Utley's salary along with Utley for a pair of minor leaguers. No names have been discussed yet coming from the Dodgers and the deal as of 6:15 PM hasn't been announced as official.

Utley had been the Phillies longest tenured player and the longest tenured player in the city of Philadelphia in professional sports. His career as a Phillie will always be appreciated by the fans who really took to his great style of hustling. Although at times he appeared rough around the edges especially when cursing on national TV a few times during his Phillies career.

Here's Chase Utley's numbers up to this point as a Phillie player:

Year Age Tm G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BA Awards
2003 24 PHI 43 134 13 32 10 1 2 21 .239
2004 25 PHI 94 267 36 71 11 2 13 57 .266
2005 26 PHI 147 543 93 158 39 6 28 105 .291 MVP-13
2006 ★ 27 PHI 160 658 131 203 40 4 32 102 .309 AS,MVP-7,SS
2007 ★ 28 PHI 132 530 104 176 48 5 22 103 .332 AS,MVP-8,SS
2008 ★ 29 PHI 159 607 113 177 41 4 33 104 .292 AS,MVP-14,SS
2009 ★ 30 PHI 156 571 112 161 28 4 31 93 .282 AS,MVP-8,SS
2010 ★ 31 PHI 115 425 75 117 20 2 16 65 .275 AS
2011 32 PHI 103 398 54 103 21 6 11 44 .259
2012 33 PHI 83 301 48 77 15 2 11 45 .256
2013 34 PHI 131 476 73 135 25 6 18 69 .284
2014 ★ 35 PHI 155 589 74 159 36 6 11 78 .270 AS
2015 36 PHI 73 249 23 54 12 1 5 30 .217
13 Yrs 1551 5748 949 1623 346 49 233 916 .282
162 Game Avg. 162 600 99 170 36 5 24 96 .282
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Blue Jays are new World Series favorites

The Blue Jays have added power to the lineup with Donaldson

Believe it or not, the Toronto Blue Jays are the new favorite to win the World Series according to some online odds companies. They do seem to have a power packed line up that the Phillies saw last night as the Jays mounted a fierce late inning comeback against the Phillies bullpen.

The Phillies will play just two games at home vs. the Toronto Blue Jays in Philadelphia, in a very short home stand,  The two games at home are the oddity in the schedule that interleague games bring into the mix. The Phillies then fly down to Miami to face the Marlins for 4 games in Florida, then return to home for a 7 game home stand.

The Phillies just returned from a long western roadtrip, to make them stay at home for only 2 games and then fly down to Miami for 4 games is really ridiculous. But that's the kind of odd scheduling that happens with interleague matchups.

Interleague play was interesting at first, but it's something that probably should be ended, the novelty of playing teams from another league shouldn't take preference over not playing teams in your own league enough. That's what interleague play has done. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Chase Utley: will he or won't he be a Phillie

Utley still can play, will it be for another team by the end of August?

The trade talk is almost deafening, we're hearing it more and more everyday. The chances of seeing Chase Utley in another uniform and playing for another team is getting more and more a sure thing as the new trade deadline of Aug.31 for players who are traded to become eligible for the postseason draws near.

Todd Zolecki has reported there are many teams who made offers for Utley, but the cards remain in Utley's hands as he can veto any trade that he doesn't approve of.

Utley won't qualify for an automatic revesting of his contract by the Phillies based on his games played, so if the Phillies hang onto Chase until after the season ends, the team may offer a qualifying offer to Chase somewhere in the neighborhood of $13.3M (which is a computation of the average of the top 125 salaries in baseball) offer for 2016 which they probably don't want to do or they can just release him outright. Changes in the way teams get compensated if Utley declined an arbitration and then signed somewhere else took effect in 2013, the team would probably get a draft pick for him that is somewhat equal to the team that signs him unless it is a team that has a Top 10 draft pick coming to them next year.

The Phillies will try to do whatever is best for them, but this is still Chase Utley we're talking about and I don't think the team just wants to give him away for nothing. They may hold onto Chase until the end of the season and deal with Utley then.

Chase Utley passed through waivers, which no team that could have claimed him stepped forward when he was placed on the waiver wire. Then, we're hearing of a lot of teams that want him for the last couple months of the season perhaps but Chase can say no to that.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Buchanan implodes gives up 11 Runs in 1.2 innings

The Phillies pitching coach should look into the problems of Buchanan and Harang, combined they have been a bad choice for Phillies starters this year

It may be time to part ways with David Buchanan for the Phillies. Despite being called up and sent down many times, Buchanan is not showing a reason to keep him in the majors. He got shelled last night giving up 11 H and 11 R in just 1.2 IP.

Anytime your pitcher is giving up 11 runs, it's going to be difficult to come back in a game. The Phillies didn't come back last night in Arizona, they lost the game 13-1 in another display of poor pitching right on the heels of Aaron Harang's poorly pitched game, the night before.

Buchanan is now 2-7 on the year and 8-15 lifetime in the majors. He has a terrible 9.00 ERA on the season though this year. If that isn't a ticket either back down to the minors or just released outright, nothing is.

That's 2 embarrassing losses down in Arizona for the Phillies, they've been whipped down there with the Dbacks scoring 26 R in two games on them. Can this team at least salvage a win out of here?